Europe in 2029

17 02 2010

Although I’m sure the first whiff of trouble of this kind and the entire State Apparatus would create a Police State.  Might have been their plan all along, invite the antagonists to Blighty, encourage their dissent, stoke the flames of hatred and then ‘offer’ a new ‘final solutoion’ to the problems they helped create.

Happened more than once already in our planet’s long history and seeing as no-one bothers learning the past no more, we are sure to repeat it.

Many thanks to my favourite taffy for nodding this in my direction and kudos to resedint for the upload.

I cannot stress this enough.  We are all pawns in the geo-political arena to the internationalists, to be manipulated, exploited and then cast aside when we are no longer of use without a second thought.  For if it does kick off  it shall be our streets that suffer the consequences, not those degenerates who invited the troubles.




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