Gordon Brown laying into the “far-right”

19 02 2010

Another BBC promotion assisting the International Socialist’s bitch, Gordon ‘what is with that breath intake he does’ Brown.

Global Governance skit:

Digg at the ‘far-right’ skit:

On the EU skit:

From the horse’s mouth, “We are internationalists”

And the financial skit:

Many thanks to liarpoliticians for uploading these videos.

Gordon Brown is nothing more than an anti-British EU stooge.  Like Cameron and Clegg, a vote for them is a vote for the Fascist European Commission and the corporations backing it.  Our freedoms have taken a battering due to the incompetence of these fools.  No more chances, vote anyone apart from the Big Three, they have all been subverted into nothing more than mouthpieces for those who own them.

Natiomalism saves Nations, Internationalism destroys them.




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