Joseph Stack: hero or villain?

19 02 2010

The Corporate Media once again proving whose side they are on with the character assassination of Joseph Stack.  Taking a few paragraphs from his ‘paranoid, rambling letter’ and twisting them to suit the needs of the powerbrokers.

Instead of letting those whores who call themselves journalists dictate the letter to you, you can read it HERE.

Of course, I do not condone such action but understand it completely after reading his letter.  Persecution comes in many forms, and the worse is the Government’s habit to legally defraud it’s people.

He may have lost his life but now he is at least free from Government interference.

Update, video of Citizens Gone Mad:

And this isn’t the first time either:




One response

21 02 2010
National Whistleblower Allen Carlton

Allen Carlton
National Whistleblower –
Revelation receiver of the Peoples Righteous Kill Defense (PRKD)
Peoples Army

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