Spreading (unwanted) DeMOCKracy

20 02 2010

We are not in these foreign wars for the benefit of our nation or the oppositions.  We are there to protect the corporation’s interests and redistribute money from one group (taxpayer) to another group (corporations) with as much ease as possible.

We are told it is about spreading democracy, fighting the war on terror, stemming the flow of drugs and ensuring regional stability which are all wholesome ideals but the complete opposite has happened.

Both nations have a semi-military dictatorship in charge, we’re more at risk from terror attacks, opium harvests are breaking all records and the so-called stability is needing a surge of troops.

A look at previous misadventures since 1945 shows us that war today is not about who is right or wrong but one of profiteering.

With all that in mind, we need to get out of these wars of aggression.  Sure we should retaliate against those that seek our destruction but it should be a pinpoint operation that targets the perpetrators, not the carpet-bombing and domination of those nations that disagrees with us.

Our entire world is full of hypocrites, none more so than those that sit on top of the hierarchy.  For they have no qualms in dealing with those tinpot dictators of various banana republics around the world when they have opened up their resources to the ravenous investor marketeers, deeming them ‘allies’ while at the same time, those that close the door to the internationalists are to be scorned and dismissed at every opportunity.

The political class, the media mouthpieces and the magnates of heavy industry have all played their part in these actions, actions that will blamed on us ordinary Britons for centuries to come.  In fact, the Bastards that Be plan on it.  For they cannot sustain a global war on terror without an enemy.  And like the war on drugs, this is not a war that can be won by conventional means, if at all, as it calls for draconian laws at home, the surveillance of vast numbers of people across the globe and the ever-increasing prospect of waging war on a whim.

The above video is why I support bringing our troops home.  Why should we be fighting for other nations’ democratic rights when our own are trampled on?




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22 02 2010

This is certainly well-written and persuasive. I am not opposed to a “War on Terror,” in and of itself. Whatever the root causes (they are myriad and debatable), the West is faced with a virulent and (I believe) unappeasable enemy.

I do agree that it’s often wishful thinking at best to attempt to impose republican democracy on peoples comepletely lacking in a democratic tradition. One only needs to look at the current situation in Russia to see this in action.

I don’t believe democracy (again, republican democracy) can be instilled by action or violence. Supporters of this notion sometimes point to the so-called “American Revolution.” That conflict was a rebellion, not a true revolution. The “tyrant” Great Britain had long before instilled a democratic seed in her far-flung citzenry.


22 02 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Fear is a better deterrent than occupation, my thoughts anyways.

The only realistic way to beat those who wage terror is to make sure the repercussions are swift and direct (and as painful as possible).

All this “trying to get them to love us” crap is just that, crap.

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