23 02 2010

How are we suppose to maintain a sense of pride in the Nation when our Government actively promotes other Nationalities residing here?

We are not.

We are suffering a death from a thousand cuts.  Our culture (and various sub-cultures) are ridiculed, our people overlooked and our foreign policy if not directed by Multi-National industrialists, is usually some vanity project that does nothing to enrich our Nation.

The best form of Government any Nation can have is a Nationalist one.  Why on earth do we have those who were not born here eligible for elected office?  In fact, why are those who weren’t born here given the right to vote?  Even more worrying, why should we allow Nationalists from abroad to set-up home here in Blighty and then have their customs imposed upon us?

I can understand the food aspect, even music, but transporting entire tribes that hold polar views is just asking for trouble.  Imagine putting a militant gay with a fundamental Christian.  Anyone who expects harmony is crazy.  Even crazier is expecting them to see each other as equals.  One will accuse the other of being a bigot while the other accuses the one of being a pervert.

Hundreds of years it takes for communities to become one and after 1945, you couldn’t get a tighter community than the British.  Yet three years later, after Britain relinquished control of Her Empire, our retarded Government decides to import people who were far different from us.  If we were importing Einsteins or Mozarts, I wouldn’t give a damn but instead it was whoever wanted to work the ‘lowest-paid’ jobs.

Forget all that waffle about how our own did not want the jobs, they had just fought a war and was promised a land fit for kings.  Some promise, some land, same fecking kings!  No, it was simply the desire of the Industrialists who sought cheap labour due to the fact that with their Empire gone, they lost their golden goose, so saw the importation of Commonwealth workers as a new way of maintaining their profits.

Divide ad Rule is as old as Empire itself, look at the transportation of Indians into Africa, Africans into America and even our very own indentured subservience (remember press gangs form your history lessons?).  Nor was is just the British Empire for we learned the tactic from those empires that preceded us.  The Greeks did it, the Carthaginians did it, the Romans did it, the Mongols did it, every empire did it.  Now there are no Empires, instead replaced with Corporations that buy and exploit land from any nation they see fit.

I can only think of one Party that is Nationalist is Britain.  You may not like their views, as the media likes to point out, “they’re abhorrent”, but which is more abhorrent?

The BNP’s views on immigration and Islam or our own Ruling Class views on the indigenous peoples of these Islands?

Think long and hard about it.

For it is not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country.




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