A Patriot’s response to Leftards

24 02 2010

More Establishment Bullcrap from a Minister of State, the one in charge of Immigration of all things, the other a NUJ-Backed rent-a-penny Hack.

You’d think Phil would be busy running that department, but oh well, the floor is yours Mr Woolas.   With the help of the Russian-(hence, foreign)-owned Evening Standard, spreading lies as professional lairs do:

Mr Woolas said the Met police and the Crown Prosecution Service were preparing for a surge in public order offences and taking precautions.

“You allow free speech of course, but you take measures to ensure that inflammatory incidents and events are not juxtaposed” and…  “You take care that public figures are kept away from inflammatory points. I’ve been very impressed by the sophistication of the Met so I think we will prevent the problem.”

The threat of the law and no right of reply for the British National Party though but they do have a comment thread,and unsurprisingly, mine hasn’t made it past ‘Winston Smith‘ sadly but thanks to the wonders of the internet though, can place my reply as a Nationalist here:

You and your Party are waging wars of aggression against third world countries and have the cheek to call the BNP dangerous and violent?

Your Government has overseen murder on our streets too. Some say even complicit (re: David Kelly files).

And how can you find time to berate a political opponent when you are supposed to be running the Nation?

Shame on you and the rest of the House of Pigs.  You make me sick!

I cannot stress that last part enough for I do feel sick, for I see the oncoming pain when London will become overcrowded, drug-infested, gang-controlled with the biggest being those crooked ACPO-backed cops.  For you surely don’t think Ali Dizaei is one of those isolated ‘officer’ do you? The MET is the biggest gang in London.  They know where everything is and just take their cut of the pie.  Not only that but even those thieves in the Houses of Swine spoil the scenery of London, you outside of the M25 don’t know you’re born!

That is a different gripe and one that could make walks in the wood ‘difficult’ for me.  Instead I’ll move onto the next of piece bullcrap is announcing yet another Organisation that “blames the BNP for everything” which has been launched to attack our democratic rights.  Surely political opponents should battle their ideas, not have an entire host of State-Backed, State-Sponsored and so-called ‘Public Support’ attacking one Party.

What they do to the BNP today, they will do to YOU tomorrow.

Some more coincidental evidence that the entire Establishment, political and media, are terrified at the prospect of a Nationalist Government.  All their conspiring including taking us into Political Europe and the mass influx of diversity silencing opposition with the threat of racism, even the petty thefts undertaken by our so-called Protectors.  All have been highlighted thanks to the diligent efforts of certain individuals who forced the media to expose those turncoats.  With MPs like those, who needs enemies?

Although if we had a free media, they would have exposed the liars and the cheats the moment they stepped out of line.  But no, the Media Hacks today knew all about the expenses and the back-room dealings and sold out.  Now they are nothing more than propagandists perverting the truth to firther their ‘editors’ goals, conveying ‘the message’ that “everything will be sorted if you trust Cameron, Brown or Clegg”.

This is Grade-A Bullcrap from  ‘rent-a’penny-hack’ James Macintyre in the New Spectator, and the only thing worse than a NUJ ”journalist’, is a NUJ ”journalist’ blowing his own trumpet. with the “fighting the BNP”, which no doubt will be put in his CV, promoting the Established Media Empires of the World’s attempt to “EXPOSE” the BNP.  Why not, they already want to “BASH” the BNP.

Last night, a lively rally took place at the Amnesty International headquarters in east London to launch a new pressure group called Expose, aimed at sharpening media scrutiny of the British National Party.

The organisation, whose work-in-progress web site is here, and of which I am a founding member, owes its inception to the hard work of a number of NUJ representatives, especially David Crouch of the Financial Times. The idea of it emerged after the BNP gained two seats in the European elections last year, and after its leader’s subsequent appearance on BBC1’s Question Time.

I would urge anyone opposed to the BNP to sign up.

He equates voting Nationalist to being an anti-Semite and racist, when it is clear to all who are the real Racists in our Nation.  Those who deliberately import those from every swamp, desert and jungle to displace our own people, to undercut our wages, or maybe they did it out of spite.  A hundred and eighty years ago the Bastards that Be were deporting our sorry white arses to Australia, so it wouldn’t be the first time our masters have done us harm.   My response to his idiotic column is as follows:

Is this the Albert Einstein’ quote?  “Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world.  The root cause is the use of enemies they create in order to keep solidarity.”

Sounds like playing the ‘special-interest’ card.  Sometimes known as the ‘race’ card, the ‘religion’ card, the ‘gender’ card and probably many more ‘thought crimes.  Yet here you are blaming the ‘evil narrow-minded nationalists’ for their discontent?

What about our ‘English and these are our lands’ card?  Oh yeah, that is ‘racist’, for this land should be divvied up to anyone who sets foot here, as long as they can sustain a ‘immigration idustry’, lawyer fees, hospital fees, translators and social housing, all ways of extracting money from the public purse into those who own those ‘services’.  Or maybe a sort of ‘Vote Party’ State- I’ve always wondered if it would be possible for a ‘Inner-Party’, ‘Outer-Party’ and then us plebs at the bottom participating in the organised ‘punch and judy’?).

Us Britons are not allowed to stand up for our rights for “We’re a tolerant people”.  Nevermind the word ‘tolerance‘ implies a temporary nuisance.

How much diversity should we tolerate?  How much is too much?

The best thing about all this collusion on the part of the Establishment, Global-backed Media and all those ‘special-interest’ groups joining forces to condemn the only true Nationalist Party in Britain, just proves the point of the fear of losing control.

Now it seems we are being ENFORCED to be MORE tolerant people.  MORE housing estates.  MORE people from polar opposites.  MORE trouble.  All so you can feel all warm and fuzzy inside while we lose our freedom and country.

What they do to the Patriots today, they shall do to you tomorrow.




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