No-visa, No-fee way into Britain

25 02 2010

Enticing would-be burdens onto an already overcrowded island with State handouts and first-world facilities is one thing, to allow a company of lawyers to actually pander to criminals is a different thing altogether.  Most probably thinking of that cherished legal aid pot more than any humane thoughts of affection.

Procol & Candor is a West London based firm of solicitors, who specialise in Immigration Law. Founded in 2002, Procol & Candor pride themselves on their ‘No Visa No Fee’ policy and their passion for helping people from all walks of life. Whether you’re outside the EEA (European Economic Area) wishing to come and live in the UK, or whether you’re hoping to extend your existing visa in the UK, or perhaps you’re here illegally and wish to regularise your status, contact Procol & Candor now to book your free first consultation. All calls and consultations are confidential and we won’t pass your details on to anyone else.

Illegal immigrants are criminals and the sooner they are dealt with as such, the sooner Britain would stop seeming like Wonderland.  Kudos to a fellow compatriot for highlighting a perfect example that proves Our Laws should not be made by Lawyers. Don’t believe me, have a gander at the Law Society website.

The Law Society represents solicitors in England and Wales. From negotiating with and lobbying the profession’s regulators, government and others, to offering training and advice, we’re here to help, protect and promote solicitors across England and Wales.

In one paragraph explaining that this ‘Club’ lobbies Parliament.  And seeing as the MORE laws made, the MORE business for their members, I doubt they will risk their money-go-round.  Them arguing for less laws would be like turkeys voting for christmas or the modern equivalent, Britons voting Establishment.

Probably one of the places we went wrong as Nationalists.  Us Britons should have started a Lobby Group of our own a long time ago with a dozen Landowners taking our lead.  The Magna Carter was made by the Dukes on behalf of their subjects, not some plastic celebrity or career politician.  Her Majesty has already won so the House of Windsor are no help to us.  For too long our Consitutional Servants have been in power, with many open to the highest bidder.  And unless we have a lobby voicing our concern, splashing the cash and grabbing the headlines, we’ll continue to be at a terrible disadvantage.

Something along the lines of “Our British Taxation Society”, representing all those who have the displeasure of paying taxes.  Surely an honest solicitor and just as honest accountant could help form an organisation.  With such a team we could lawfully siphons some cash from the Public Purse to pursue our goals.  Now you know the reason I said a dozen Landowners, wouldn’t want a ‘charmer’ entrusted with our Kingdoms’ fate and fortune.

Every other ‘Special Interest’ has one, be it the Corporate Gods of Media, Military or Industry, the dreaded Union Mobsters, those ‘kill-urself-save-the-planet’ Eco-Squads or just good old-fashioned Dodgy Characters of dubious background, each able to manipulate the system to their advantage by forming their own Lobbying Groups.  Some even have their claws deep in the Political Parties, one only has to check the donation register to see the wanabe powerbrokers.  This is an idea for minds of greater wisdom and ability than my own to ponder.  That and I’ve got work soon.  Someone has to keep this nation on its feet.

Welcome to Britain, feel free to take the piss

I’ve heard Gordon Brown gets two shits in the post per week.

What I want to know is whose sending the other one?




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