What do Tory Cllrs believe?

25 02 2010

Fresh from reading Tory Cllr Harry Phibs at Conservative Home (READ IT HERE), can only express my delight at the democratic reply written by BNP Cllr Graham Partner.  With half-arsed hit-pieces from the Tories such as this, I just hope the England Team do better in South Africa.

What a spectacular own goal.  One worthy of its own documentary if us Patriots fufil our dream of a Nationalist Government.

Pointing at the BNP and blaming them for their existence is futile.  The reason for the Rise of the Nationalists is the very fact that our Nation is being divvied up ready for European Subversion.  We have suffered one cut too many and more and more are seeing through the fake ideal of unity through diversity.  From petty bans on smoking leading to pub closures to the wholesale destruction of our democracy in favour of European Fascism.  It is simply…

Divide and Rule.

Correct me if I’m wrong but is Ken Clarke in the EU giving ‘assurances’ that the Tory Party are committed to the European Project?

One that will see our Island’s history disregarded and subverted, our lands sliced up into Regions and Officialdom?

Is that what Tory Cllrs’ believe in?




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