Falking around in the South Atlantic

27 02 2010

Although war is evil, sometimes it is the lesser evil. And if our British Brothers across the waves are in trouble, it is our duty to go to their defence.

The turncoats within our own ranks already seek to surrender the hard-won islands of the South Atlantic.  Suffering from a faux-guilt-complex, these are the fools that would have us submitting to everyone who raises their voice in anger citing some obscure greivance.  And it is that folly that encourages would-be aggressors.

Our Island History is bloody and violent but it is Ours, and we either protect our legacy or we are at threat of becoming history.  We are a warrior people, the blood that courses through your veins soak every continent on this planet for we sailed, we saw and we conquered, and to give up such victories would mean accepting defeat ever after.

It is not up to us to throw away our collective achievements, it is because of those things we have advanced as we  have.  To forget the strategic value of these dominions and protectorates is foolish to the extreme.  They are vital if Britain is to maintain a little bit of independence and worldwide scope.  How are we suppose to protect our interests around the world when even our closest friends distance themselves from our plight?

And although the apparent lack of support shown from our European and American Allies is perceived as a sign of caution for some, I see it as a positive one.  It shows that the interdependence promoted by all political camps over the past hundred years with the power in Corporate Hands will not protect us in our hour of need, and we must always assume that will be the case.  Time to build the bonds that cannot be bought or sold, to reestablish our links with the world instead of tugging along with the ‘IN Crowd’.

Even if we do have to go it alone, I’m in no doubt that Our Boys would overcome all challenges.  I know Royal Marines that are deadly with a toothpick so those Argies don’t stand a chance.

Our only weakness will be the back-room-dealings the Bastards are Be are so famous for.  I fear that is the only thing that will defeat us in the South Atlantic.  For if Our Country’s Government can relinquish control of British lands to Europe in such an underhanded way, what hope is there for the Falkland Islands?




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