The Power of Advertising

27 02 2010

Another gripe of mine is the never-ending bombardment of enticements we are subjected to.  Invading our senses every chance they get to remind us of our wants and desires, whether they’ll be pasted 10ft high and 30ft lining the roads, turning the air from your favourite song to a hiss of offers from the radio and spoiling your view through the Channel 4’s reenactment of 1066, no place is sacred from the pervasive nature of the business.  Those who promote the ‘message‘ do not care, so long as the ‘message‘ is heard.

One of the very worst uses of advertisements are the Government-backed ones.  Rarely are they non-political, more than most are threatening, and some are just plain pointless.  I would give examples but will let the BBC show you some examples instead on the news report below (couldn’t embed it).

Government’s advert budget doubles in election run up

The government is being criticised for the amount of money it is spending on marketing and public information adverts in the approach to a general election.

The amount spent on advertising for 11 government departments has risen from £253m to more than £500m, with some departments seeing their budgets double.

The Department for Children, Schools and Families saw its budget almost treble.

Paola Buonadonna BBC report.

Another industry on the Government’s Money-go-Round scheme of keeping us dumbed and numbed, with the constant nannying and dictates that are more suited to Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia than the Constitutional Monarchy we once enjoyed.  Considering the power of advertising, we can assume that Companies spend vast amounts on marketing campaigns to sell a product or service to a target audience of potential customers in the hope of turning a ‘profit‘.  Now seeing as ‘Governments’ have nothing to sell, we can assume that they use the same techniques to condition and indoctrinate the target audiance of potential ‘useful idiots’ in the hope of subverting the ‘results‘.

Remember that in the last year, more than £500,000,000 of Our Money was spent on propagating the ‘Government-approved Message‘.  From Road Safety campaigns operated by Government-backed Quangos to the gentle reminders of consequence of not paying your protection money to the Banksters, with the idiotic “tax doesn’t have to be taxing” motto…  of course it doesn’t, it could be called theft or extortion yet alas, that is a different gripe for another day…  most of all I dread to think how much cash has been funnelled into ‘promoting the message‘ of the London Vanity Olympics and Climate Morphing Power Changing projects.

No wonder we’re brassick.  We’ll soon have to resort to cannibalism if we’re not careful.

That or working at McDonalds, and if that is the choice, I’m more of a ‘people’ person!

All these ‘messages‘ distributed around our beings that we forget what we are to suppose to be doing!  That is the most dangerous aspect of the mass exposure of ‘messages‘, the deliberate fallout causing confusion within the varying and ever splintering populace, distracting the people from making decisions on their own without wondering if it is ‘trendy’ or ‘dissaproved’ by the right ‘people’.




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