We have been colonised

27 02 2010

The Evening Standard uses immigration records from 1793 up to the early 1900s as proof to insist upon our designation as a mongrel peoples.  Nevermind the fact that throughout that period, only 600,000 made it to London, a city that since the 17th Century has had more than that many English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish residents within her boundaries.  Some most probably with bloodlines past the romans.

Compare that 600,000 through the centuries with todays endless stream of newcomers that has become the norm in the last few decades.  Something along the lines of 5,000,000 have made Britain their home in those decades, with an average of more than 600,000 for the last two years alone.  A nation is made up of Her people, not the other way round.  Is our identity not worthy of preserving that we wish to cede our Lands?

UK immigration records published online


Details of more than 600,000 immigrants who arrived in the UK between the late 18th and early 20th centuries were published online for the first time today, including a distant relative of Conservative leader David Cameron.

Family history website Ancestry.co.uk said Mr Cameron’s great-great-grandfather is included in the huge list of names.

The records were originally compiled by Government’s Alien Office after the 1793 Aliens Act was passed, paving the way for immigrants to be recorded at their port of entry.

Other names in the collection include Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, listed as arriving with 14 attendants in 1839, and German born composer Jacques Offenbach.

Ancestry.co.uk international content director Dan Jones said: “Most people think of immigration to Britain as very much a 20th century trend.

“However, as these records prove, immigrants have been arriving on our shores for literally centuries, some fleeing political or religious persecution, others famine or civil war, and many simply to take advantage of their status as citizens of the British Empire.

“Literally half of all Brits have immigrant ancestors and with more historical immigration records now online than ever before, there has never been a better time for Brits to start exploring where they may really have come from.”

National Archives migrant specialist Roger Kershaw added: “These collections highlight the growing diversity of cultures, languages and skills prevalent in 19th century Britain – a time shaped by great industrial expansion and optimism.

“The professions ranged from composers, writers and artists to industrialists, politicians and royalty and it’s their contribution we still see reflected in our cosmopolitan society today.”

Three-hundred odd years of absorbing 600,000 souls is a paddle in a pond.  The arrival of enough immigrants to fill Birmingham every year is a swim in the ocean. We had hundreds of years of coming to terms with the small numbers of migrants before 1948, many of whom were smart enough not only to warrant entry to Britain but be headhunted for their skills.  But ever since the standards have been lowered, so has the class of people we attract.  History has proven us to be a tolerant nation in accepting those 600,000 migrants throughout the centuries but we cannot be expected to allow new nations to form every few years under their own banner in our lands.

We are the Britons.  It is our blood that soil this land, our hard work that built these Islands and was our vision that had once given us the freedom enjoyed yesteryear.  And to write us off as mere mongrels is not only offensive but an insult to all those who cherished those ideals along with those that perished defending those ideals.  All to be perverted so not to show the faux-union of diversity promoted for the crock of crap it is, this so-called alternative to family, blood and birthrights that will do nothing to form common cause.

We are the product of hundreds of years and hundreds of people, to even come this far is an amazing feat for our individual bloodlines.  We are the Rightful Owners of these Lands and we welcome all that will defend that Right.  But we cannot welcome those who wish to subvert it.

A Nationalist Government is the only form of government a Nation should have.  Everything else will result in failure.




One response

27 02 2010
Sir Henry Morgan

And there’ll be an awful lot more of our blood fertilising our this land before this issue is settled.

But always remember – we may not want the mass immigration, but the immigrants aren’t our core enemies. If I was a peasant in the Congo, and was given the opportunity to go live in England – I’d jump at the chance.

He’s still got to go back, of course, but he’s not our real enemy; our real enemies look like us, sound like us, come from the same places we come from and went to the same schools we went to. THEY are the people who encouraged that peasant to come to England, and THEY are the people we have to bring an end to.

Physically. The immigrants just have to go back to where they came from; our real enemies have nowhere to go back to so we have to end them.


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