How I learned to love the bomb

28 02 2010

The most powerful offensive weapon in our arsenal is also our best defence mechanism.  Nothing deters a possible enemy than the threat of annihilation.  Since its inception, we have not needed to drop one to defend ourselves.  We have not been invaded and have maintained a certain level of influence throughout the world.  And it has also kept hundreds of thousands of our people employed.  That is why I love the bomb!

Forget about all those who take the credit for avoiding another mass slaughter in Europe for it was the bomb that kept the peace.

The European Union likes to brag that it is them that have stopped another European War from breaking out.  It wasn’t, the simple fact that any war between us would result in the annihilation of all involved is what kept the Peace.  How could we invade France if the result would be mushroom clouds overhead?

Throughout the Cold War our bombs kept the vast Russian armies at bay for over sixty years.  Okay, there missiles kept our Armed Forces at camp but again, it was the nukes that protected us from invasion.

So all this talk about not needing them is bullcrap of the highest order.  Some moan about the bomb’s ability to vaporise entire cities in a flash but not one has been used since 1945.  More moan about the cost citing that there are better causes to splash the cash on, yet once more, what price can be put on the defence of the realm?

That is why I’m pro-bomb.  It is far better to have the capability of causing Armageddon and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

You don’t take a gun for a nuke fight, and judging by the proliferation of evermore powerful weapons by questionable Nations, we must always prepare for the worse by doing our best.  For if certain Armageddon was to breach our shores, I’m an evil bastard and would at least like to go knowing that those that sought to wipe us from living memory will receive the same courtesy in our retaliation.




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