Perverted Politics | Unify Union

28 02 2010

Everyone is aware that the Unions hold sway over the Labour Party.  Not many will know that the power is mutual.  They feed off each other with the main currency being it’s members and fees.

An example of the perverted minds that infest both is the very fact that Harriet Harperson once supported the watering down of pedophilia crimes.  Personally, I would like the Law tightened in regards to those who commit such despicable acts of cruelty, in actual fact, I’d like to tighten the rope if possible.  But here she was, once advocating the decriminalization of indecent images:

The Daily Telegraph obtained documents showing that she called on ministers to make sexually explicit photographs or films of children legal unless there was evidence that the subject had been harmed.

At the time she made the official submission, she was a senior figure in a civil liberties organisation that wanted the age of consent to be lowered to 14 and incest decriminalised. It also defended self-confessed paedophiles in the press and allowed them to attend its meetings.

Last night Tim Loughton, the Shadow Children’s Minister, said: “Clearly there is a serious conflict of interest with the committees she sits on, who might want urgently to clarify her position on the exploitation of children for the sexual gratification of adults.

“It’s a shame that Miss Harman’s zeal for positive discrimination and all things politically correct among adults does not extend to the exploitation of children. Any child who is used for the sexual gratification of adults counts as an abused child and needs protecting.”

Sick sick mind.  No wonder she is married to Jack Dromey of porn-vid-fame.  Be honest, did even Labour supporters know who he was before the scandal?  This confirmed wanker is to be jettisoned into the safe seat of Birmingham Erdington.  Jack also happens to be a union boss in the Transport and General Workers Union and sits on the National Executive Committee.  Democracy or Soviet Style Politico?

Mr Dromey was reported to have been looking for a safe seat since the summer – Labour held Birmingham Erdington with a majority of 9,575 at the last general election.

Special treatment or massive coincidence?  Probably need all nine-thousand of those Labour Zombies to secure this seat for this confirmed wanker.  Unions used to be a force fighting for the rights of the workers yet today have become nothing more than political front groups that demand special treatment for special people.  Only those members from the ‘Inner-Party‘ of course.  Any ideals had held by Labour or the Unions was sold long ago.  I reckon actual labour of octuplets would be a more pleasant experience than another five years of Brown’s Labour.

A shame that everything that was once holy is now perverted to the core, with their fingers in each others pies, the disease has corrupted all.  And these are the people put forward to run the country?  Proves that most of those who become MPs are nothing more than frontmen.  They probably have a private team in the Shadows telling them when and what to vote, who and where to help and above all, to keep quiet and subversive to the Bastards that Be.

Lord Nelson had his shame yet died saving the Nation.  What have these leeches ever done of value to the Nation and Her Peoples?




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