UK Politics | Vote Match

31 03 2010

Many thanks to a compatriot for pointing this out to moi (a little French).  Enter your Nation, go through the questions and then pick three parties after the short series of questions and viola, the results showing whose policies you agree with more and handily, the percentage too.  All this French, makes me feel cultured, sacrebleu.


Another reason to throw away your political leaning graphs, they are useless afterall.  Cold heart logic and a bit of common sense is what humanity is good at, we’re not one for labelling things.

By the way, don’t enter your postcode, just isn’t cricket.


England | Law officially an ass

31 03 2010

£25,000,000 in legal costs to send down 4 blaggers who stole £1,750,000 – and that isn’t the worst of it, they did so with NO JURY.  I don’t care that the lads are as guilty as sin, there are much worse thieves at work when £25,000,000 is distributed to bastards that oversaw this case.

I don’t care that Legal Eagles spend years as a dogsbody for some old git while reading volume after volume of Black’s Law with a regular dosage of case studies to memorize, it is damn ridiculous to think it is fine and dandy to throw this much money on criminal cases.

And to add insult to injury, the verdict was delivered not by a jury of our peers but by the Judge, a bloody State Employee for Christ’s sake!?

So not only are we £25,000,000 lighter, we have also had Our Rights knobbled too.  For what they do to the blagger first, they will soon do to us all.

The Establishment wouldn’t want sympathetic juries stifling the European Justice System, would they?

Further reading:  Daily Mail – Four found guilty of £1.75m Heathrow heist after unprecedented trial without jury (which cost taxpayer £25m)

Labour | Bullcrap Brown

31 03 2010

They just cannot help themselves.  Fearing the backlash of all those who were not asked about the diversification (and fragmentation) of Britain, Gordon Crap tries to  entice us with ‘promises’ of immigration caps.  And if the electorate buy this crap, we are surely doomed.

General Election 2010: Gordon Brown promises ‘controlled’ immigration

Published: 5:59AM BST 31 Mar 2010

A re-elected Labour government will deliver a ”controlled and fair” immigration system flexible enough to meet the needs of British business, Gordon Brown will promise.

By contrast, he will argue that Conservative plans for an annual cap on non-EU migrants would be arbitrary, unworkable and bad for business.

In his third major speech on immigration since becoming PM, Mr Brown will acknowledge on Wednesday that the question of who comes to Britain is a reasonable issue for voters to consider in the upcoming general election and will say that it is right for politicians to address their concerns.

But he will attack those who he says are, for political reasons, spreading the impression that immigration is ”out of control”. Figures show that in fact, inward migration is clearly falling over recent years, he will say.

The PM will call on all mainstream parties to present ”a united front” against those who seek to bring a halt to immigration simply because of their animosity towards migrants.

”The question is who has the best plan to control immigration – not who can appeal to our worst instincts of nationalism and xenophobia, but who can appeal to our best instincts of a fairer Britain for all,” Mr Brown is expected to say.

”By controlling immigration for a fairer Britain – by investing in the skills of our own workforce, we can ensure the flexibility for our businesses to secure the highly skilled migrants they need while continuing to maintain control of net inward migration.

”Or we can opt for an arbitrary and unworkable quota – and deny our businesses the skills they need, damaging our competitiveness and threatening the future of British businesses. This is the practical choice people must make.”

Mr Brown’s comments, in a high-profile speech alongside Home Secretary Alan Johnson in London, come ahead of an election campaign in which immigration is expected to be a decisive issue, with the British National Party seeking to win its first seat in Parliament.

Labour argues that its Australian-style points system will control immigration by allowing non-EU nationals in only if they are highly skilled or can fill identified gaps in the UK labour market.

Conservatives are promising to slow down the rate of inward migration by imposing an annual cap. But Labour regards the idea of a ”pre-determined quota” as misleading, arguing that it will not apply to 80% of migrants, including EU nationals, family members and students.

Labour aides accused the Tories of ”stoking up people’s fears” over numbers while refusing to say what the quota would be under their system.

And they cited a recent report from the IPPR thinktank suggesting that an annual cap of 40,000 could ”threaten (Britain’s) economic performance and the rights of British nationals and settled migrants to be with their families”.

Mr Brown will highlight ongoing work to require newcomers to earn the right to stay in the UK and claim benefits; reforms to housing rules to allow councils to favour locals; and a new fund to help high-migration areas cope with the added pressure on public services, paid for by migrants.

And he will announce changes to the points system, which will see the top two occupations on the shortage list removed in a phased way as the immigration and skills systems are linked more closely.

Mr Brown will repeat his ambition to make Britain a ”fair society”, adding: ”When we talk of fairness it is right to talk of immigration and address people’s worries and concerns.”

”The question of who comes to Britain, and what they have to do to earn that privilege, is something that should be the subject of open and responsible debate.

”But how we conduct this debate is as important as the debate itself.”

He will say that there is a consensus among mainstream parties that ”none of us agree with those who would bring down the shutters around Britain entirely; who think all immigration is a bad thing, or who want to use immigration to stoke community tensions”.

And he will add: ”I call on all those in the mainstream of our politics to stand together in the coming weeks and present a united front against those who don’t value the diverse and outward-looking Britain that we stand for; and who want to end immigration not because of the pressures it places on our communities but simply because they just don’t like migrants.”

The first day of Parliament’s brief Easter recess will see all three major party leaders involved in pre-election campaigning.

David Cameron will spell out his plans for mending what he terms ”broken Britain” in a speech to a Tory conference on ”Building the Big Society”.

And Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg will visit Cornwall to rally support in his party’s key electoral stronghold in the South West.

Here’s the deal Government.  Give me a percentage of the Nation’s GDP and I might just see the economy as more important than my community.  Until then…

Stop dumping the turd world on MY doorstep.  You love diversity so much, have them nextdoor to you.

Brixton | Black Britain

30 03 2010

As I’ve been cream-crackered due to work commitments, I just can’t be arsed with articulating my thoughts into the written word.  Instead, something from a BBC employed Colonist instead.


There used to be a time when everyone knew that Brixton belonged to us.
We fought for it, and made love for it.
Some of us even died in that corner of the landscape that would ever be black

It didn’t mean that white folks weren’t welcome, all that it meant is that they KNEW it was ours, the same way as when I go to Norfolk or Suffolk, or any of the shires, I know that it’s NOT ours.
I’m on my ‘p’s and ‘q’s when I go up country, because I don’t have the backative to claim it as mine. And all the youts know this, so they’ve got the bottle to shout out ”N*igga!” from across the road when they see you walking down one of their village streets or quiet country lanes.

I don’t have a problem with that because I KNOW when I venture out there I’m in a white mans country and the white man makes the rules.
Brixton was different though. Babylon THOUGHT he made the rules until Brixton made a stand against the so-called Operation ‘Swamp 81′. As the late Bernie Grant MP would say, the police got ”bloody good hiding” that time.

There were of course casualties on both sides. But at least the message was clear all around the country that Brixton belonged to us. And so did Tottenham. And so did Hackney and Stonebridge and Peckham and Handsworth and Moss Side and Cheetham hill and St Paul’s, so on and so forth.


Where ever you had an inner city, you had a corner of England that would be forever Jamaican or Nigerian or Bajan or St Kittian. We didn’t just put down roots, we put down down-payments on those areas, or at least our parents did. And like the law states, if you own a piece of this green and pleasant land, it’s yours.
Nobody can take it away from you (unless you divert the mortgage payments to buy a Ferrari).
But 27 years on, Brixton no longer belongs to us. I went down there the other day and discovered another country. Oh, we were still evident. It wasn’t like ‘’spot the black man” but we no longer own it.
The bars, the clubs, the restaurants and shops no longer belong to us. With the exception of a pattie shop or two, Brixton belongs to everybody but us. It’s the same in Tottenham and Hackney. We spend most of the money, but virtually the only things we own are barbershops and hairdressers.
We’ve got ourselves to blame. Look at the Asian community. They came here at more or less the same time we did. They didn’t just put downpayments on the areas they claimed, they bought them outright.
Often jointly, communally, together as one family. So when you go to Southall, Alperton, Ealing, Whitechapel, and the other london areas they own, it’s all about Indiashire, Londonistan and Bangla-Brick Lane. They own the houses, the businesses AND the councils.
So who do you think makes the rules in those areas? It’s not the Women’s Institute and the Rotary Club and the Freemasons, I can tell you. Forget the local parish church and the sound of Bow Bells, it’s the Hindu temples and the mosques that call the shots, and if the Imam wants to call the believers to worship at five in the morning, that’s up to him.

Like I said, we’ve got ourselves to blame. We had it all in the palm of our hands and we threw it away. We could have been contenders. We could have controlled entire neighbourhoods, businesswise and otherwise.
We should be in control of our local councils in those areas where we are/were the majority.


But after the street battles that won us our victories of the past (and not just us, because let’s face it – Asian communities benefited from the blood we shed in the eighties) we rested on our laurels. Like ex-slaves, we indulged our new found freedoms far too long and partied until it was 1999. By then of course it was too late.

During the eighties and nineties more drugs were pumped into the black communities of Britain than ever before. I lived in and worked in Brixton at the time. Previously it had been all about the good sensi (or collie or lamb’s bread, as it used to be known). After the riots of 1981 and 1985, we began to see the emergence of hard drugs – heroin, speed, then cocaine, and then, of course, crack.

The drugs did their job, They subdued our people into submission. Those very same crack addicts that you see in ‘black’ neighbourhoods are the same guys who used to live on the frontline ready to protest at the injustices we suffered. Those injustices are still here, but if you ask the warriors of old to come out and demonstrate, they’ll fall prostrate, begging for one more hit.

You see, in winning the streets we really didn’t win anything. the streets belong to everybody, whatever your local gang might think. Real power and real wealth is all about who controls the means of production, the judiciary and executive.

The Nigerians of Peckham know this. They are the new Jamaicans. It remains to be seen whether they will be seduced into not buying the freehold of that corner of south-east London that will forever be ‘Lagos’.

You can shove your diversity up your arse.  These newcomers are nothing more than colonists so is it any wonder why us natives are pissed off?

This land is my ancestral homeland and to see it given away fills my heart with dread.  And for what?  A few extra pieces of silver?  Warm and fuzzy feelings of righteousness?

You love immigrants, have them move in your street.  You love different cultures, go on holiday.  You love cheap labour, move your company offshore.

Why should us natives suffer the indignity of accommodating your tastes?

Nationalism:  without it, there is no nation.

Lincolnshire Police | Lazy Plod

28 03 2010

I had the displeasure of reading Inspector Gadget’s ‘Wasting police time’ book full of anecdotes of the thin blue line.  One of the chapters I found highly enlightening was in regards to the ticking of detectable crimes.

For the Police Service, they now not need a conviction to improve their statistics, they only need to identify the wrongdoer, go through the motions and then release the ‘perpetrator’ for another ‘successful’ detection.

A prime example of lazy policing is from the Telegraph.

Flame-thrower scooter owner arrested

Published: 8:00AM GMT 27 Mar 2010

Colin Furze, a plumber who adapted his scooter to shoot 15ft flames from the rear, has been arrested for an alleged firearms offence.

Mr Furze, 30, displayed his modified his scooter, with an anti-tailgating flame thrower operated by the flick of switch, in the press earlier this week.

But Lincolnshire Police spotted the pictures of Mr Furze allegedly riding his scooter on a public highway – and arrested him on Thursday.

He was held on suspicion of possessing an object converted into a firearm, and was released on unconditional police bail without charge until May 6 pending further police investigation.

Possession of a firearm carries a maximum prison sentence of five to seven years at Crown Court.

Mr Furze, from Stamford, Lincolnshire, declined to comment.

Speaking before his arrest, he said: ”Everybody wants a flame thrower on a motor bike.

”I don’t need a flame thrower on the back of my bike, I’m not going to set fire to people’s car’s, it’s just something interesting to do.”

The scooter, which was built before Christmas, was Mr Furze’s third attempt at the project after the first did not ignite and the second burst into flames.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: ”A man was arrested on suspicion of possessing an object converted to a firearm on Thursday. He was released on unconditional bail.”

So the hard-work of spotting pictures in a national newspaper leads to the arrest of a James Bond enthusiast?  Is this how Lincolnshire Plod spend their day, going through the publications trying to spot misdemeanors?  Still, at least Lincolnshire Police have another ticked box in the ‘fight against crime’.

With Policeman like these, who needs criminals.

Peckham | Then and now

28 03 2010

Continuing with the Plastic Gangsta theme, thought it best to show the history of Peckham’s underworld.  As far back as a decade ago did the newspapers try to understand the criminal class in the borough, this one from the Telegraph…

Life and death in the Peckham ghetto

By Sandra Leville.  Published: 12:00AM GMT 30 Nov 2000

WITH pit bull terriers straining at the leash, two young boys stroll through the Peckham Pulse, a new recreation area outside the recently opened library.

Both are under 16, neither is at school. On a nearby street corner stands Dwain Brown, accompanied by his mother. The 13-year-old has not been to school since May, when he was expelled from Warwick Park, the neighbourhood comprehensive which becomes the daytime home of many of the smartly uniformed 11-year-olds when they leave Oliver Goldsmith primary 200 yards away.

Dwain was expelled for getting mixed up with the local gangs, which his mother says dominate both the school playground and the North Peckham estate where her family lives.

The Peckham Boys, the Deptford Ghetto Boys and the Brockley Crews, their names are already daubed in graffiti on the walls of the new library. They gather outside after dark while staff inside continue valiantly to promote football and computer clubs as distractions for teenagers being enticed into low-grade gang warfare.

Local beat officers know the gangs of boys well. One constable said: “They are mostly involved in anti-social behaviour, hanging around after dark and making a nuisance of themselves but there are a couple of gangs who are responsible for a lot of trouble. We know who they are, we arrest them, we charge them, they go to court and get a slapped wrist and then they are back here again. They think we are powerless and quite frankly they are right.”

At night in the dark alleys of the estate mothers and young children dare not venture out. Ryan Lee, a builder who has been demolishing blocks of the 1960s flats, also makes sure he is not in the area at night. He said: “It is quite terrifying round here. I came back after 6pm to pick something up one night. Never again. There are kids hanging around and you can see these cars drawn up, Mercedes and BMWs and kids run up to them to buy heroin. It is like bees round honey. When we demolished this block we found around 20,000 hypodermic needles.”

Dwain’s mother has another child, aged 10. Her friends, Sharon Ebanks, 36, and Karen Davis, 32, also have young children of primary school age, some of whom attend Oliver Goldsmith Primary, where Damilola Taylor was a pupil.

What they fear most is the move from the relative security and control of the primary environment to the likes of Warwick Park, a 915-pupil school with a reputation for bullying, violence and disruptive behaviour and an exclusion rate 10 times the national average.

Mrs Brown said: “You can see it start when the little ones get a bit older at their primary schools. I’ve just come back from a meeting with the head teacher of my son’s primary because he was being bullied badly. That’s when it tends to start. If the children are different, if they are bright or if they want to work they get targeted.”

With a high proportion of children with behavioural problems and many who do not have English as a first language, Oliver Goldsmith has had a turbulent past, but much has been done to stamp out disruptive behaviour. However, once these same 11-year-olds graduate to secondary school, many parents fear that they do not stand a chance. Pushing her five-month-old daughter in a pram, Mrs Davis was on her way to collect both her 11- and 14-year-old children from school yesterday.

She has first-hand knowledge of the problems they could encounter if she were not there to walk them home. She said: “Just a few months ago, around 3.25pm, I was in my flat when I heard the most terrible racket outside. I looked out to see what on earth was going on and saw a gang of teenage girls from Warwick Park and Waverley School outside on the green. It started as a fight between two girls. By the end there were 40 or 50 of them there and I have never seen weapons like the ones they had in my life. They had baseball bats, knives and clubs, and these were girls.”

These teenagers and others like them are regularly targeted by special programmes in secondary schools in which police, the council and teachers work together to tackle anti-social behaviour. Marilyn Bailey, a musician, has spent time working in schools on anti-bullying policies. But, having seen inside many of the borough’s secondary schools, Mrs Bailey, an American who was born in a Miami ghetto, refuses to let her 12-year-old son through their doors.

“He went to a secondary school for a short time. But he was bright, he was different and he had a terrible time. The whole culture is bad. If you want to work you are targeted.” Mrs Bailey now teaches Jonathan herself at home, such is her lack of faith in the education system.

She said: “I moved to Britain 10 years ago. I was born and lived in the ghetto in Miami. I got sick of the violence there. What I found constantly amazing is the way these gangs of teenagers here have adopted the attitude, music and language of the American ghetto. Thank God they don’t have guns yet like they do in the States, that’s all I can say.”

Mrs Bailey lives in a modern semi-detached house on the outskirts of North Peckham estate. It, and other rows of houses like it, are the product of five years of regeneration which has done much to rid the area of the sordid blocks of 1960s flats.

Within a year it is hoped that the damp block with boarded-up windows and burned-out flats where Damilola lived for four months will also be demolished and replaced with the new North Peckham estate – rows of two-storey, modern houses, complete with drives and car ports, all designed by people living on the estate.

The Right Rev Tom Butler, the Bishop of Southwark, said yesterday: “There is a lot of effort going into that estate. We are talking about probably one of the toughest estates in Europe and the Government has been spending £240 million knocking it down and rebuilding it with more human buildings, and it is showing.”

But Mrs Bailey and others like her do not feel it is showing quickly enough. She said: “You can’t just move people into nice new houses and expect them to change. It doesn’t work like that. You can take a person out of the ghetto but you won’t take that attitude away from them. You have to get down to their level and work with them to try to change their attitude and you can’t do that without giving them some hope of a future. The kids around here are angry and quite frankly they have every right to be angry.”

And even after seven years, the Guardian is still on the defensive…

The inside story of gang life in Peckham

Lorraine King.  The Observer, Sunday 11 February 2007

After last week’s killing, Lorraine King, a black mother and journalist for the New Nation newspaper, discovers the disturbing extent of gun culture.

The streets are clean, there’s no graffiti on the walls and the houses are well maintained. Walking down this London road I feel no fear; in fact a mother pushing her baby in a buggy has just given me a friendly smile – a rarity in this city.

But this isn’t a tree-lined suburban street filled with desirable Victorian homes. This is Peckham and the streets where three people – including 15-year-old Michael Dosunmu – have been murdered in just five days.

The area has never been salubrious. For more than a generation it has been linked to drugs, gangs and violent murders. It came to the nation’s attention in 2000, when 10-year-old Damilola Taylor was stabbed to death on a stairwell of a block of flats on the notorious North Peckham Estate.

Just over six years on and the crumbling Sixties housing blocks may have made way for low-level flats and homes through a £300m regeneration programme, but it appears that no amount of money can rid the area of crime.

As I walked around last week, I met a man who gave his name only as Mr X. He revealed a picture of young men boasting and showing off in an ever-spiralling game of ‘I’m a bigger man than you are’. Much of it is centred on the drugs trade, offering the only employment in much of the area. In the end, guns settle disputes.

‘In Peckham it’s standard for someone going down the local shop to be carrying a strap [a gun],’ he said. ‘In the past five years guns have just been made more and more available; it’s like going to order a takeaway now. It’s ridiculous.’

According to local people, gang members in the area go under the name Peckham Boys. Their arch rivals, the Ghetto Boys, are from nearby New Cross. For more than 20 years the gangs have been warring with each other.

Mr X said: ‘To be honest, the beef [argument] goes back so many years that people can’t even remember what it was over. It just passes down from the older ones to the younger members of the gang. The Ghetto Boys are falling apart bit by bit. They’ve got no strength no more. Their top leaders are gone – half of them are on crack, the rest in jail or dead.’

The quick succession of last week’s killings fuelled speculation that the murders were connected to the two gangs but detectives from Operation Trident, the Metropolitan Police’s specialist team which investigates gun crime within the black community, have only managed to link two of the killings and have said that neither is gang-related.

This does not mean there is a ceasefire. According to Mr X the ‘heat is still on’ and anyone who goes to the clubs locally will notice the cold atmosphere. He said: ‘You’ll have a certain gang of youths on one side of the dance, another on another side and another in a next corner. Everyone’s hostile, no one’s dancing.

‘It’s all about whose got the best bottle of champagne, who’s wearing the best trainers, who’s pushing the biggest weights, who’s got the biggest jewellery, who’s driving the best car.’

According to Mr X, if you can scoop every title – best champagne, best gun, best trainers – you will deemed the ‘winner’ of your area, or ‘ends’ as it is more commonly known: ‘Once you got your status, you’re made in your “ends”. You go put on certain cable channels and you hear it all in the music: “Rep [represent] your ends”. They’re glorifying it. Talking about drugs, guns, it’s all gone mad.’

According to a former employee of one of these small-scale urban cable stations, the more explicit the lyrics, the more likely it would be aired. She said: ‘If they aren’t talking about popping your gun and repping your ends the station didn’t want to know. I think it’s disgusting and that’s why I left.’

I thought it must be a south London trend, but after talking to my son and discovering that youths in north-west London’s (aka North Wheezy) Stonebridge Estate have beef with those from Neasden, I was horrified to discover this is not just a London thing but nationwide. White and Asian boys are ‘repping their ends too’ – in fact, many gangs are mixed.

I asked Mr X and other people what could stop this. They all said more black officers need to be in Operation Trident. Until then, the youths will take no notice of what Trident’s police say.

All over this…

Peckham & Peckham Boys

In 1987 the North Peckham Taskforce was targeted, earmarked by Margaret Thatcher for regeneration. The move came after concerns of crime, robbery and youth gangs. After £1million investment problems were supposed to be solved. Then nearly 13 years later there was a big regeneration project again in North Peckham.

The North Peckham estate in the last decade was revamped from run down high-rise flats and maisonettes and replaced with 2,000 new homes, a sports and leisure centre and an award-winning library at a cost of £290 million. Despite this cost and physical rebuilding the gangs and violence still remain.

Whilst much gang violence is perpetrated amongst and between gang members a number of innocents have been caught up with two of the most well-known incidents attributed to the Peckham Boys being that of Damilola Taylor and Michael Dosunmu.

In 2000 the Peckham Boys weren’t anything new, to the residents of south London they had been staple in the community for over a decade although unbeknown to those outside of London. A series of events relating to the Peckham Boys became more reported in the media and by the end of 2000 the whole of Britain knew of the Peckham Boys.

In the summer of 2000 an 18-year-old girl was shot outside a nightclub on the frontline whilst an African restaurant used by older Peckham Boys was raided by police who recovered a .357 handgun, stun gun, CS gas and cannabis. A few weeks later a Young Peckham Boy, aged 12, appeared in court after being found in possession of heroin, crack and £400. A gun battle outside Chicago’s nightclub on the frontline sees eight people wounded. Then in November, just 9 days before the murder of Damilola Taylor, 17 year old Shola Agora of Sceaux Gardens was stabbed and died at Kings College Hospital.

In late 2000, Damilola Taylor, 10, bled to death in a stairwell on the North Peckham Estate, after being stabbed in the leg on his way home from an after school club. The accused in the pro-longed cases were he infamous Preddie Brothers often linked by the media to the Peckham Boys gang although were seen to part of a lesser gang the young Untouchables. The Preddie brothers were responsible for a reign of terror in the Peckham community including a sexual attack on a 12 year old girl prior to Damilola’s death. It wasn’t until 6 years later when they were found guilty and convicted of manslaughter.

In a more recent similarly sad tale (Feb 07) another innocent Michael Dosunmu, 15, was shot dead when gun-men burst into his bedroom on Diamond Street Peckham. Police forged links with the murder three days earlier of 21 year old Javarie Crighton on nearby Southampton Way. The church going teenager however had not been the intended target

Peckham Boys war with Ghetto Boys

Ghetto Boys (a New Cross gang) told journalist Donal MacIntyre: “If any of those Peckham Boys come over to New Cross, this will happen (motions slitting throat)”. MacIntyre tried to put words into people’s mouths by suggesting that the Pecknarm (the nickname for Peckham), and Ghetto war is about drugs. But they informed him that this beef is inherited, not drugs or turf related. Never has been, never will be. It’s been going on since the 70s, handed down from generation to generation.

Ghetto and Peckham had never got on, even local football between Peckham and Lewisham teams would be highly charged. Cultural differences between the African contingence of Peckham (situated in the main gang areas of North Peckham) and Caribbean contingence of Deptford, New Cross and Brockley in the past fuelled some of the conflicts.

In 2004 former gang member Eric Akinniranye was chased along Camberwell High Street and gunned down. He had recently been released on temporary licence from prison where he was serving 10 years for drugs and firearms offences. Two gunmen in a Mercedes rammed him from a motorcycle before chasing him bringing him down with a number of shots. The murder took place in broad daylight in full view of two buses and a crowded street of onlookers.

In a more humorous tale in 2004 Peckham Boys and Ghetto Boys clashed outside the Urban Music Awards at the Barbican where shots were exchanged when a stray went toward innocent by-stander Helen Kelly. Bizarrely the underwire of her bra deflected the bullet away from her chest and into her right breast. There were 18 shots fired as people left the awards ceremony; Linton Ambursley from Lewisham was jailed for 12 years after admitting wounding with intent.

In September 2006 Jason Gayle-Bent, whose younger brother had been a former Ghetto Boy, was stabbed to death by a mob of Peckham Boys. The murder was reportedly sparked by a row at a party when rival Peckham and Ghetto Boys clashed at a party accusing one another of showing disrespect. Things turned nasty as one man was bottled. Just 24 hours later up to 40 gang members from Peckham armed with knives and a gas gun rode into the Ghetto Estate in New Cross on bikes where Jason was stabbed just yards from his home in Ludwick Mews. The following day shot rang out at a basketball court in Peckham in retaliation. Two of those at the court that day had their home in Peckham raided where police seized a Walther PKK pistol, Mac10, ammunition and class A drugs.

In late 2007 it was another innocent by-stander caught up in a what was a believed gun fight between rival Peckham and Ghetto gang members, although others have suggested intra rather than inter gang violence in the case. Polish nurse Magda Pniewska, 26, was hit in the head by a stray bullet as two teenage gunmen fired at one another in New Cross. “A guy came down the stairs with a bandana covering his face but you could see his eyes change like he thought he was being set up. He pulled out a gun and fired two or three shots at the car. A guy in the car shot back using the bonnet for cover”.

The war of Peckham Boys and Ghetto Boys has a long history and rooted within it there have been a number of losses. The younger generation who are not as familiar with the history have in some ways fixed but also disrespected this history. It can be seen as good that Pecknarm and   Wooly Road youngers are now allied with New Cross and Deptford so the beef can end and lives can be spared. But, the younger alliance is very disrespectful of the past.

Other Incidents

In 2001 a young man named Marcus Hall and his friends and other members of the Peckham Boys travelled to Luton to a So Solid Crew event at Atmospheres Nightclub. The Peckham Boys were refused entry to the club although some of them managed to get in. The event ended at 2am. As people were leaving the area became blocked with cars and there were several confrontations between various groups. It was in Chapel Street that Peckham Boys became involved in a fight with another group, all those involved were armed with weapons, including Hall who had been carrying a baseball bat. During the confrontation Hall sustained serious injuries and died.

A Peckham Boy was stabbed to death outside a McDonalds drive through in Malt Street, off the Old Kent Road, at around 10pm on 10th September 2003. A murder investigation was set up although police received little response and the CCTV images were too poor to see the suspects. However, after intensive specialist review of the CCTV it appeared the victim was touched on his shoulder by one of his attackers. DNA taken from the victims jumper where he had been touched led police to the main suspect.

A Peckham Boy gang boss was jailed for life in late 2007 after being found in possession of a huge arsenal of guns. Marlon Grandison, 25, was convicted of possessing guns including Mac10s and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

In October 2008 following the inquest of the murdered teen Philip Poru from Peckham it was concluded that he had been murdered by members of a gang known as the Woolwich Somalians. However, the student was seen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and not gang involved. The murder followed tension between the Woolwich Somalians and the predominantly Nigerian gang T-Block (Thamesmead). It is believed there are allied links between T-Block and the Peckham Boys as both gangs have a large number of Nigerian members, on Poru’s response to have been from Peckham whilst in Woolwich territory it is believed his shooters assumed him to be there on behalf of T-Block who weeks previously had seriously injured 2 Woolwich gang members in a shooting. To prevent any risk real or perceived Poru was shot dead.

Late 2008, police arrested seven suspected Peckham Boy members described as major and significant players connected with hundreds of violent robberies across London. The members targeted were believed to have been targeting gaming machines and betting shops raking in over £150,000 from crimes in 17 different London Boroughs.

Other Gangs in Southwark

Peckham Boys have for a long time and always will be the most infamous and largest gang in Southwark borough. Although, a hotbed of gang activity and cliques also exist along Walworth Road, home of the Wooly Road Boys, Firehouse Crew, Out to Ball Grey Gang etc based around Walworth Road itself and the Browning and Aylesbury and Heygate Estate. The Walworth Road area and Peckham have had a loose alliance for generations.

Two lesser known gangs London-wide, although both associated with serious crime and drugs, are C-Block (Crawford Estate close to Lambeth and more associated with Brixton gangs and who identify with Red/Blood) and Brooklyn (Old Kent Road area and SE1 gang who identify with dark grey).

It isn’t more ethnic-based coppers or extra activity clubs needed, nor is it the provision of employment, cos to be honest, most are unemployable.  It is simply a case for MORE coppers on the street and a total blitz with tough sentences on the low-level thugs that provides a real deterrent to other degenerates.

If other words, stop puling me over Mr Plod and concentrate on the REAL crooks.

That or let me have my guns back.

London | Plastic Gangsta Map

28 03 2010

A not-so-comprehensive list of Plastic Street Gangstas that inhabit fragmented London.  With no direction, a lack of discipline and a system that breathes down your neck every chance it gets, it shouldn’t surprise no one that the disenfranchised and displaced seek solace in the comfort of like-minded individuals.

All this cultural enrichment is too much of a burden and although ethnicity is not the sole root of this problem, it doesn’t exactly help.

London Borough of Barnet (N2, N3, N11, N12, N20, NW2, NW4, NW7, NW9, NW11)


K9/Grange Man Dem – Grange Estate




300 Blocks Plus – Grahame Park

Tug Fam – Grahame Park

London Borough of Brent (NW2, NW6, NW9, NW10)


D-Block – S.South Kilburn

F.A.C/Family About Cash – S.Kilburn

L.R/London’s Realists – S.Kilburn

SK – South Kilburn


Bruce Road Gang – Bruce Road

Church Road Soldiers – Church End Estate

GH/Greenhill – S. Craven Prk. Rd

Harlesden Crew – Harlesden (M.L.C)

Harlesden Purple Gang – Harlesden

MB/Mitchellbrook – Mitchellbrook Way Estate

Press Road Mandem – Press Road Estate

St. Raphs Soldiers – St Raphaels Estate

Skrilla/SP – Stonebridge

Sta* Gang – Kensal Green

Suspect Gang – Stonebridge

Tugs of Stonebridge – Stonebridge


London Borough of Bromley (SE19, SE20, SE26)


P-Block – Penge / Annerley

London Borough of Camden (WC1, WC2, W1, NW1, NW3, NW5, NW6, NW8)


Cromer Street Massive – Cromer Street


Cumbo Boys – Regents Park Estate (N)

Drummond Street Posse – Drummond St/Regents Park Estate (S)

Somers Town Boys – Somers Town


Centric/African Nations Crew – Oval Road area

The Money Squad – NW1/NW5




Q.C Blocks – Queens Crescent

Silent Movers – Kentish Town

Yung Potentials – Peckwater Estate


9MK/9 Mill Kids – Kilburn


ASA/Angry Streets Army – Kilburn


Abbey Road Boys – Abbey Road Estate

London Borough of Croydon (SE19, SE25, SW16)


Norwood Youts – Norwood Junction


S.M.S – South Muslim Soldiers

London Borough of Ealing (W3, W5, W7, W13)

Acton Somalians

South Acton Man Dem – South Acton Estate

fu– the Authority / Murder Dem Pussies


Murder Dem Pussies

London Borough of Enfield (N9, N11, N13, N14, N18, N21)


Shanktown – 41st Estate, Bounces Road, Church Street, Fore Street, The Green, Parr Close


Turkish Mob


Meridian / Bloodline


Edmonton Somalians – Fore Street

Money Respect Power – Fore Street

Red Brick Crew – Silver Street

Strap City – Montagu, Shires Estate

London Borough of Greenwich (SE2, SE3, SE7, SE9, SE10, SE12, SE18, SE28)


Abbey Wood Boys


Ferrier Boys – Ferrier Estate


Cherry Boys – Cherry Orchard Estate, Springfield Grove Estate


P-Block/Plumstead – Glyndon Estate

Woolwich Somalians & YWB – Barnfield Estate, Brook Estate, Maryon Estate, Nightingale Estate, Walpole Estate & Woolwich Common Estate


T-Block – Thamesmead Central/Broadwater Estate

London Borough of Hackney (E2, E5, E8, E9, N1, N4, N16)


Haggerston Man Dem – Fellows Court, (n) Haggerston Park


E9-5 – Coalition of E9 and E5

E5TH Ridaz – Nye Bevan Estate, Gilpin Sq.

Mothers Sq Boys – Mothers Square Hackney Downs

Nightingale Youts – Nightingale Estate Hackney Downs

Pembury Boys / P-Block – Pembury Estate

SW/Southwold – Southwold Estate

Springfield Man Dem – Webb & Fawcett Estates


Evelyn Man Dem/Mountsford – Evelyn Courts / Mountsford Estate

Hindle House Tugs – Dalston Central

Holly Street Boys – Holly Street Estate

London Field Boys – Blackstone/Fields Estates


E9-5 – Coalition of E9 and E5

E9ERS – Homerton, Kingsmead, Ballance Road, Trowbridge

Jack Dunning Estate

Kingzhold – (S) Well Street

Well Street Boys/GY – Frampton Estate


De Beauvoir Man Dem – De Beauvoir Town Estate

Hoxton Boys – Hoxton Estates

Love of Money – N1

Murray Grove Boys – Murray Grove Estate


Blue City/Queens Drive – Hackney Sides (FPK)

Manor House Boys – Woodberry Downs Estate


L.O.R.D. – Lordship/Hillcourt Estates/Stokey

SG/Shellgrove – Shellgrove Estate

SOS/Shakespeare Man Dem – Milton Gardens Estate

Smalley Thugs – Smalley Road Estate

Stamford Hill Man Dem – Stamford Hill Estate

London Borough of Haringey (N6, N8, N10, N15, N22)


Hornsey Man Dem – Hornsey

L.M.D – Lightfoot Estate

New Land Estate (CampsbourneEst.)

Nort Side Soldiers – Chettle Court, Stationers Park, Crouch End


T.M.D – NorthStar – StarGang – olders/elders

T.M.D Yungas/T.G/T.Y.G – younger generation


Ferry Lane Man Dem (BL/PV) – Ferry Lane/Broad Lane / Park View

Edgecott / Ida Ridahs – Ida Estate

Philip Lane Man Dem – Philip Lane

Saltram – High Road area

Stonebridge Man Dem / Small Soldiers – Ermine/Plevna/Stonebridge

Tiverton Man Dem – Tiverton Est, Suffolk, Twyford.


BC Bangers – Bruce Castle

Bloodline – Meridian Walk

B.W.F/F.M.D – Broadwater Farm

Chestnut Boys – Chestnut Estate

Evastrap – Bruce Grove

NPK/SC/BDC/YG – Northumberland Park

Scotland Green – Scotland Green Rd Est.


North London Somalians/YMS – Duccets Common/Turnpike Lane

Wood Green Money Over women/City of Gods – Avenues, Commerce, Rampage, Shell Town, Woodside

London Borough of Islington (EC1, N1, N4, N5, N7, N19)


Whitecross Boys – Whitecross Estate


Essex Road Boys – Canonbury / Popham / Packington / Marquss Estates


Cally Road Estates – Barnsbury / Bemerton / Priory Green /


Blue City/Finsbury Park – Andover / Queens Drive (H-side) / Six Acres Estates

Quill Street – Near Blacstone Road


Busy Blocks/HollyPrk/YBM – Holly Park Estate / Holloway / Stroud Green


C.R.£.A.M Blocks – Highbury New Park

Highbury Grove Boys – Highbury Estate

Orange City – Highbury


Brecknock/Hilldrop Estates

Holloway Boys – Lower Holloway


Elthorne Man Dem – Archway

Gully Gang (NW5/N19 Borders)

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (W6, W12, W14, SW6)


CPG/Crime Pays Grands – Shepherds Bush

FDA/fu– the Authority – Shepherds Bush (see Ealing)

MDP/Murder Dem Pussies – Shepherds Bush (see Ealing)

MPR/Money Power Respect – Shepherds Bush (see Ealing)


Blackstarz – West Kensington


GY/Ghetto Youts

SNL/Show No Love

London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (W8, W10, W11, SW3, SW5, SW7, SW10)


GMQ/Get Money Quick – Ladbroke Grove

GSG/Grove Side Goons – Ladbroke Grove

SFDM/Straight From the Manor – Ladbroke Grove

TKO/Total Knockout – Ladbroke Grove


Hoodstarz – Ladbroke Grove

London Borough of Lambeth (SE11, SE24, SE19, SE27, SW2, SW4, SW8, SW9, SW16)


Gipset – Gipsy Hill/West Norwood (RBC/Grey Estate/Ghost Twn)


K-Town Black Mobb – Black Prince Road


ALC/Acre Lane Camppain – Acre Lane

Blenheim 28s – Blenheim Gardens

Hillset – Streatham Hill

New Park Gs – New Park Court

T-Block/THT- Tulse Hill



Roadside Gs


Clap Town Crips – Clapham

Clap Twn Kids – Clapham

Clapham Park Man Dem – Clapham Park Estate


031/O-TRAY – Lansdowne Way

Dorset Road Crips – Dorset Road

G-Street – Gaskell Street Estate

SPE/Stockwell Park Estate (ABM/All Bout Money)




CFR/Corleone Family Riders

HS/HotSpot Crips – Stockwell Gardens

LS/Loughborough Soldiers – Loughborough Estate

MZ/Murderzone – Somerleyton Estate

OC/Organised Criminals – Myatts Field

PIF/Paid In Full – Angell Town

PDC/Poverty Driven Children – Angell Town


South Muslim Soldiers

Streatham Man Dem – Streatham High Road

Valeset – Streatham Vale

London Borough of Lewisham (SE3, SE4, SE6, SE8, SE12, SE13, SE14, SE23, SE26)


Brockley Man Dem / Turnham Youts – Honor Oak Estate


Catford – Rushey Green


D-Block – Deptford

Evelyn & Pepys Estates


Lethbridge Man Dem – Lethbridge Estate


Ghetto Estate – New Cross Woodpecker

Monson BS


Young Money Makers – Forest Hill


Sydenham Man Dem – Wells Park

London Borough of Newham (E6, E7, E12, E13, E15, E16)


Asian Virus – East Ham

Beckton Souljahs / YBS – Windsor Estate

Paki Panthers – East Ham

Pathans – Plashet Park


Cage Man Dem – F.G West

Forest Gate Massive – F.G East


Eastside Tamils – Little Ilford

Manor Rule Souljahs – Manor Park


Brown War Street – Plashet Road

Greengate – E. Plaistow Park

P-Road Asians – Plashet Road


Portway Man Dem – Nicholls Point Estate


F.T.K (Maryland, Temple Mills, Thatch House)

Stratford Man Dem – Stratford New Town/Alma/Maryland


C.T/Grey Blocks – Canning Town

Get Money Gang – Canning Town

London Borough of Southwark (SE1, SE5, SE11, SE15, SE16, SE17, SE21, SE22, SE24)


Brooklyn – Old Kent Road


C-Block – Crawford Estate

Circle Crew – Circle Estate

Dulwich Crew – Dog Kennel / Champion Hill


Peckham Boys (SN1, PYG, SI, DFA, SMD…) – Various Estates in SE15


Bermondsey Boys – Surrey Quays / Rotherhithe Areas


Walworth Road Man Dem – Firehouse Youngers / Out To Ball / GK – Heygate/Browning Estates

London Borough of Tower Hamlets (E1, E2, E3, E14)


Brick Lane Massive – Brick Lane, Whitechapel

Cannon Street Posse – Cannon Street Road

Jubilee Street Massive – Clichy Estate

Shadwell Massive – Solander Gardens Area

Stepney Thug Passion – Oceans Estate & Stepney Green


Bethnal Green Somalians – (S) B.Green

Bethnal Green Massive – Bethnal Green

Brady Street Massive – Brady Street


Bow Muslim Souljahs – Bow Church

Devons Road Kruisers – Devons Estate

E3 Massive – South Bow

Elton Man Dem/Deadly Alliance – (S) of Victoria Park, Grafton House/

Ennerdale House

Trellis Square / True Tredegar Thugs


Bartlett Park Crew – Bartlett Park Estate

Burdett Massive – Burdett Road/Estate

Isle of Dogs – TWM & HM

Lansbury Massive – Lansbury Estate

Limehouse Massive – Locksley Estate

Limehouse Fields Estate

Poplar Massive – Poplar

London Borough of Waltham Forest (E4, E10, E11, E15, E17)


Chingford Hall Boys / Stinghall – Chingford Hall Estate

Hatch Man Dem – Hatch Lane

Selrack – Selwyn Avenue Estate


Oliver Close Boys – Oliver Road Estate


Leytonstone Man Dem / Canhall – Leytonstone


Thatch House Thugs – Thatched House


Barrier Boys – Brookscroft Barrier

Beaumont Crew – Beaumont Road Estate

Boundary Boys – Boundary Road Area

Coppermill Thugs – Coppermill Lane

Priory Court / G.M.D – Priory Court Estate

Walthamstow Drive Boys – The Drive

Walthamstow Tamils


Piff City

London Borough of Wandsworth (SW4, SW8, SW11, SW12, SW15, SW16, SW17, SW18, SW19)


Patmore Gs – Patmore Estate


Stick Up Kids – York Road Estates / Battersea


Surrey Lane Man Dem – Surrey Lane Estate


Brown Gang – Infamous Brown Mob / Madly Greezed Out / Point Then Shoot


South West Hustlers – Balham


Tooting Tamils – Tooting High Road

London Borough of Westminster (W1, W2, W9, SW1, NW1, NW8)


ERB/Edgeware Road – Edgeware Road

GD/Grey Daiz – Warwick Estate

GM/Grimiest Movement


SD/Street Dreams – Ashmore/Mozart


Lisson Green Man Dem – Lisson Green Estate

We could link the rise in low-level thuggery to poverty that would be childish, for if poverty was the biggest factor, most of the underclass would be ‘at it’.  There is a poverty trap though, due to the fact that with more and more people competing for less and less resources, frictions and factions were bound to arise.  It is through the fault of the deluded who would prefer to shy away from these facts that the situation worsens.

And lets face it, when most of the rudeys talk and act like they were brought up in South Central LA, they do themselves no favours in the business markets.  Not every yewt with a Californian’twang can be a rapper, footballer or stock-broker so instead aim for smash-and-grab thievery, distribution of illicit substances and the outright violence to feed the ego of an oppressed peoples.

Further reading (and where I got the list from) can be found HERE.