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1 03 2010

After many exchanges with an American cousin of mine, I now have a better understanding of US Politics.  One such thing I must share is the following he sent me in regards to the Presidential ‘Executive Order’.

Okay, it may have nothing to do with Blighty (Britain for the uninitiated) but we now live in a Globalised World with NATO as International Rescue (sic),  So what happens at Tracey Island HQ usually sends ripples to our own Houses of Swine.  And those buggers use any excuse to kick us in the nuts and won’t let this opportunity pass them by, so to speak.

The Executive Order and what it means.

The power of Executive Order was created by Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War.  Every president from Lincoln to Obama has used and abused the power of Executive Order ever since.  It’s unConstitutional and completely nullifies the system of Checks and Balances this country was founded upon.  If you don’t believe me just look at the examples given by both Franklin D. Roosevelt at 1:00 into this clip and Barrack Obama at 1:08 as your proof.

The Power of Executive Order was wrong and unConstitutional in Lincoln’s day, it was wrong and unConstitutional in FDR’s day and the Executive Order is wrong in Barrack Obama’s day as well.

Americans should:

A)  Demand that the power of Executive Order be repealed.

B)  Demand a review of the Constitutionality of every single EO passed since Oct. 20,1862 should be repealed when and where possible due to non compliance with the Constitution.

It was the EO that sent troops into wars without a declaration of war and Congressional consent such as the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The EO has entered America into dangerous alliances that challenge and threaten national sovereignty.  The EO was what FDR used to lock up thousands of Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor, why weren’t German or Italian Americans locked up as well?  Why was any American locked up based on his/her heritage and ethnicity?

Agree with it or not through the power of Executive Order the president did not need congressional consent or approval, meaning he didn’t really care what the American people had to say about it.

This is the danger of Executive Order, it over rides the system of Checks and Balances and is a challenge and threat to Representative government.

Kudos to GlennBeckVideos for the upload.





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