Tory | His Lordship getting a Royal roasting

2 03 2010

Lord Ashcroft has given £4,000,000 to the Tories since PR Dave has been in charge.  That is one mighty big investment, wondering what he wants in return.  This is a man who is Lord of an international estate worth millions, possibly hundreds of millions if I could fight against my feelings of envy and be bothered to check.

Lord Ashcroft has given £4m while Cameron has been leader

Since David Cameron became leader in 2005, Lord Ashcroft has given £4.13 million through his company, Bearwood Corporate Services.

Why on earth would he invest £4,000,000?  Maybe he felt guilty about being a non-dom taxpayer avoiding paying millions to Labour’s crooked Government and wanted to support a Government for the People (sic).  Wish I could do the same.

Lord Ashcroft’s secret tax deal saved him millions

At the time Mr Hague said that the decision would “benefit the Treasury tens of millions a year in tax”.

Instead, Lord Ashcroft reopened the terms of the deal in a private dialogue with government officials and won agreement that he should be considered “a long-term resident”.

So not only secret collusion with the Tory Leadership but also Her Majesty’s Tax Officials.  So much for seeking the best for his nation.  Although he has (once again) promised to return to the negotiating table if the Tories win, but surely he’ll make up that shortfall with the Government’s blessing in some shape or form in the future.  £4,000,000 could buy a lot of something all right.  Mine would cost several though, especially at the ever decreasing value of the pound.  Soon my piggy bank will be worth more than the coins in it.  But what on earth could he be wanting for donating 5% of the donations towards the Conservatives’ campaign of ‘progressing Britain’…?

Lord Ashcroft revels in his notoriety and safe seat at the top table

Sitting in the centre of the room was Lord Ashcroft, the site’s main financial sponsor, deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and the man who has overseen the campaign in marginal seats that the party hopes will deliver an election victory.

The 63-year-old businessman, who made his billion from slot machines, security and contract cleaning, began his journey to the heart of Tory politics when the party was at its lowest ebb.

That must be it.  He owns them and wishes to own the country through them.  probably heading up the club of the Globalists to continue the extortion of Britain.  Labour are pro-EU due to the fact they can defer decisions to them, the Conservatives are the same.  What they are fighting over is the rights to oversee them, each taking their cut of the criminal transactions.

Vote the same, get the same.




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