UK Politics | Primed and Timed Debate

2 03 2010

A televised debate between the ‘approved political parties’ is due to take place soon.  The differences in the choices promoted are superficial and all have had time to hold the other to account, yet nothing.  We have had the worst Government with the worst opposition since records began.

All are pro-EU so not very Nationalistic and all were caught up on the expenses scandal, to begin with, they wrote the rules and then throughout their terms, had their whips encourage their minions to do as they please.  Glad to see the Daily Mail lets slip in the title of what these debates will be.

Major parties reach historic agreement to stage three televised election debates


According to a strict set of rules thrashed out in negotiations between the broadcasters and parties, each leader will make an opening statement on the programme’s theme before taking questions.

Each leader will answer all questions and be given time to react to opponents’ answers and make further points of their own.

A period of free debate may follow.

The leaders will have no prior notice of questions.

All statements, answers and rebuttals will be subject to time restrictions.

There will be a longer 90-second closing statement at the end of each programme.

The broadcasters have agreed to give each leader equal treatment during the programmes and the order of answering questions will be decided by drawing lots.

The primary role of the moderator will not be to press politicians for answers, but to ensure fairness within the agreed rules.

The audience of around 200 will be picked by pollsters ICM from the local area to ensure a balance of gender, age, ethnicity, social class and voting intention.

Broadcasters will also have the right to invite some supporters of smaller parties as well as ‘a small number’ from outside ICM’s selection.

Audience members – who will only usually speak to ask their question – will also be asked only to applaud at the start and end of the programme to ‘maximise’ the time for leaders to be heard.

The three leaders must finish by shaking hands.

Party political broadcasts more like.  Probably have a celebrity version for the finale, really get the X-Factor crowd going.  ‘Night with the Political Powers’ with a special audience of drugged up pop stars and dodgy soap actresses who like the sauce too much.  Sponsors include Kraft and Northern Rock with a special financial contribution from Mr Murdoch and Mr Rothschild.  Someone has to pay for all those scriptwriters.

The main event will be David, Gordon and Nick throwing rancid meat pies at each other while screaming obscenities.  Not such a bad idea actually, at least that’d be entertaining.




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