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3 03 2010

This post was jogged by another commentator who I don’t know whether to take seriously or not, the internet is too full of ‘persons of interest’ – I reckon the name of the place attracts them.  Note to self:  Next blog, avoid all mention of lunatics.

A little more on Southwark enrichment.  Remember, this is the blueprint for England if you continue to vote Establishment.  What is happening in London and the other major cities will spread to the counties one day.  Then you too can enjoy the cultural experience of feeling like a foreigner in your own homeland.

Everyone knows that tribes will congregate in the same area.  Of course, concerns were voiced from my community but we were overlooked.  And if the Nation’s Government could do that to people whose ancestors have been here since the 1600s, how on earth can any minority group or benevolent bleeding-heart expect the same Establishment to treat the newcomer any different?

And when the Bastards that Be have destroyed the British spirit, they will turn upon those who unknowingly aided them.  Immigration has been used as a weapon throughout time, from Rome to the Barbary era, the mass displacement of one people with another is probably the main reason Countries maintain Armed Forces.  Yet here we are in the West rolling our the carpets!?  Sure some idiots running about in Westminster, that is for sure.

Small migration is a natural phenomena, having entire creeds flown here in economy class claiming asylum is not!

Key findings from Equalities & Diversity Panel meeting of July 17 2007:

  • Migration in and out of the borough is high: this makes it difficult to measure the success of interventions (because the beneficiaries may have moved on and another, more disadvantaged group, taken their place). It is also makes it more difficult to predict the composition of the borough over the next 10 years.
  • Southwark’s population will continue to grow so that by 2016 it could be between 286,000 and 301,000. That means anything from 14,000 to 20,000 more households needed than in 2001.
  • By 2016 around 43% of the population is expected to be from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, with many different faiths and cultures.
  • Southwark’s population ranges from those who enjoy significant affluence to those in severe poverty.  Southwark is becoming more socially and geographically divided.
  • 39% of local authority homes and 40% of private rented properties do not yet meet the decent homes standard.

And this from the London Developement Agency, although oddly placed on the MET Police server, no date available sadly:

Ethnicity Nearly half of the borough’s population is from a minority ethnic community.  The largest BAME group are black or black British (25.9%).  8% are black Caribbeans and 16.1% black Africans – the largest black African community nationally.

Jamaicans and West Africans are found in Old Kent Road and the North Peckham Estate – West Africans are concentrated in the Rye Lane area.

In Southwark schools, 34% of the pupils are black African, 15% black Caribbean and 7% from mixed ethnic groups and this school population may give some indication of what Southwark will look like in the future.

Southwark has historically had a small Asian community (4.1%), which mirrors the national average.  The fastest growing Asian communities are Bangladeshis and Indians, mainly located in Elephant & Castle and Newington.

Chinese communities have also increased and are more than three times the national average (0.9%).  A Greek Cypriot population is resident in Camberwell towards Denmark Hill.  7.7% are ‘white other’ with 5.6% of the residents were born in the EU (including Rep. Ireland) and 24.8% outside the EU (April 2001 Census).

More than 100 languages are spoken in Southwark; the main ones other than English are Yoruba (7.54%), Bengali (2.45%) and Cantonese (2.06%).

Religion and belief – The largest faith group is Christian with 61.6%, then Muslim at 6.8%.  18.5% of the population declared themselves as having no religion, while 9.9% did not state any religion.

And lastly a little history on Southwark’s Equalities and Diversity Panel (est.2003):

Since 2003, an equality and diversity panel has been working with the council, providing us with expertise and scrutiny in policy and service development. This panel comprises representatives from forums and organisations in Southwark with a particular interest in issues of equality, diversity and social cohesion. Members of the group include representatives from black and minority ethnic, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, traveler, age related and disabled people’s groups. Find a list of current participants (pdf 17kb)

The main role of this panel is to scrutinise and challenge equality impact assessments (EqIA). EqIas are Southwark’s way of assessing whether the impact of a service might be unfair or discriminatory to particular communities.

The panel members comment on the way that EqIAs were carried out and make recommendations for any further actions that should be taken to improve the policy or service, in addition to those actions identified by Southwark staff.

All this diversity, no wonder Local Government rub their hands with glee at the prospect.  All the extra people with their ever-increasing misunderstandings leading to more work needing to be done for community cohesion and the appropriate support given to the appropriate people.  They can see the extra opportunities that will open up, those juicy ‘monitor’ positions or those ‘cohesion officers’ in charge of a company phone and a paper clip but paid £40k with twelve weeks holidays.

Degenerates the lot of em.  At least the crooks I dealt with were honest, most of them still are, to an extent of course.  Hear no evil see no evil round these parts, the courtesy is returned more than threatened.  We know the Police are not there to help anymore with all the ‘extra’ powers they keep getting.

Those in the Houses of Swine with those Town Cuntcillors and even our poxy Local Stasi Departments, all of em have been corrupted.  Like a tapeworm sucking the last drops of vitality from its host, our Parliamentarians and their lower league counterparts in the Council Crews only ever see the “me, me, me” in situations.  Perhaps they all dream that the EU will offer them a place at the table.




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