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4 03 2010

After the many decades of an underused ‘repatriation scheme’, Labour have finally found a solution to the white-working (includes those looking) class resentment towards their boroughs become the dumping gorunds of the turd world.

They now plan to offer you help to flee your woes (and homeland) to a new home and a new job, all because they love you.

Not because the Establishment fecked up in the first place inviting so many who were only after the passport, oh no, the Government and the Official Opposition loves each and every one of you.  Don’t matter if you’ve been here twenty seconds, smell of anthrax and scream “Allah hates you”, the British Government works for all.  (sic).

Anyone would think there is an election soon with all these deals.

Council house tenants to be offered help to move to find work

Council house tenants who receive an offer of employment more than an hour away will receive help to get a new home nearer to their workplace.

Can imagine the local ads now:

Tired of living in a foreign borough?  Had enough of the seventeen kids nextdoor?  The group of islamic ninjas across the street giving you evils?

Well if you’re unemployed, we, the Labour Government, will help you move from your ancestral homelands and dump you next to some factory to make McDonald toys.

Well, I’m not going to do the Government’s job for them due to the fact I think it is a terrible idea.  Get rid of those who have no right here first, more than enough illegals in Peckham to start with.  Only time I see my home mentioned on TV today is on those Border Police shows.

I won’t be moving from my beloved Peckham unless the Queen fancies an exchange, anything smaller isn’t enough and I prefer to be close to the City.  I may live in a shithole, but I do have standards.




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