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4 03 2010 legal reasons, I do not condone any criminal acts but some acts are more forgivable than others as I’m sure most would agree.

The first crime is a daring robbery executed perfectly with no victims and no violence with the simple motive of half-inching highly valuable and easily sellable assets.

‘Mission Impossible’-style heist hits N.J. Best Buy

March 4, 2010 11:18 AM PST

Daring thieves staged a “Mission Impossible”-style robbery at the South Brunswick, N.J., Best Buy store, making off with $26,000 worth of Apple laptops early Wednesday morning.

As reported by the Associated Press and Star-Ledger, around 6:30 a.m., store employees discovered the missing laptops along with a hole in the roof. No motion sensors were set off, and nothing was captured on security cameras.

According to South Brunswick Police Sgt. James Ryan, the thieves used a “high degree of sophistication…They never touched the floor. They rappelled in and rappelled out.” Police say the robbers used a gas pipe on the side of the building to climb up onto the roof. Once on the roof they cut a 3-foot-wide square hole using a saw, then some type of suction to lift the cut section out. They then lowered themselves 16 feet down to the metal racks inside store, never touching the ground, remaining 10 feet off the ground. By not touching the ground, the motion sensors were not triggered.

The thieves positioned themselves behind store banners while doing all this, which prevented the security cameras from seeing them. Then they stole the laptops off the metal racks while hanging from the ceiling, and went out the same way they came in, through the hole in the roof.

The police think the thieves knew the layout of the store and must have known the banners would block them from security cameras. “The tools they had to bring, the alarms they had to circumvent, it certainly required a high level of planning,” Ryan said.

This one though consists of a low scale thuggery operation to terrorize an old man for a poxy car.  That is no motive, that is a travesty.  Christian Churchwarden, asian thugs, clawhammer…  all too familiar nowadays as Sir Morgan points out.

Hammer thugs attack pensioner inside chapel

6:50am Thursday 28th January 2010

A CHURCHWARDEN tried to tackle a gang of masked robbers when they attacked him with a hammer as he prepared for a chapel service.

The 80-year-old victim recalled the sickening moment the thugs hit him with the weapon and said: “next time it will be your head”.

Speaking anonymously, the man said he feared for his life when the robbers struck at Gospel Chapel in Benson Street, Bury.

“At first in seemed so unreal, like a prank,” he said. “But it was very real. They could have killed me.”

The victim, from Whitefield, was setting up the chapel hall for a service last Wednesday when he heard a knock at the side door about 7.25pm.

When he went out to see if anyone was there four men jumped on him, brandishing a claw hammer.

“They bundled me back up the steps and into the chapel shouting for my car keys,” he said.

“I resisted and managed to pick up a chair to defend myself, but one grabbed the end of the chair and the others grabbed my arms.”

The robbers hit the pensioner on the knee with the hammer and pinned him down while they rummaged through his pockets.

“He said if I didn’t give him the keys, next time he would hit me over the head with the hammer.

“So I thought, if I carried on resisting I would get damaged and they would still take the keys. They ripped my trousers, grabbed the keys and ran out.”

The thugs locked the victim in before driving off in his car, which was parked outside.

The grey Ford Focus, registration number NL07 XXY, has still not been found.

The robbers are described as Asian men, aged between 20 and 30, and wearing dark clothing and balaclavas. One is described as six feet tall and the others are of average height.

The victim said: “This was a sickening crime of breaking into the house of God, fighting and robbing. Have they no shame?

“I have been a warden here for the last 50 years and have never seen trouble like this. They are scum, the lowest of the low.”

DI John Mazzolai said: “Amazingly the victim was not hurt though he was pushed around violently. Needless to say though he is left terribly shaken up by this. Attacks like this on vulnerable, decent members of the community will not be tolerated and we are working very hard today to trace those responsible.”

Anyone with information on the attackers or the whereabouts of the car is asked to call police on 0161 856 8145, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

I’d rather have a hundred extra ‘mission impossibles’ than this recurring nightmare of low-level thuggery.  Peckham seems a paradise compared to what is being allowed on some of our streets.

Only way to stop this is to vote Nationalist, and the BNP are the only Nationalists worth voting for.

Of course, they would also be seeking to get the daring raids down too.  No matter how much I enjoy reading about em, crime is crime, and unless I’m getting a cut, I say ‘hang em’ (sic).




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