Tory | Vote for You?

4 03 2010

We have had the worst Government for over a dozen years with an Opposition to match.  Labour are on their last legs so Cameron is hoping to remain silent enough not to lose votes and let his paid stooges do the sniping.

Our solution does not reside in those that created the problems.

The Establishment have mountains and mountains of contingency plans.  So many that an entire department is in charge of filing them.  Over seventy-thousand of them.  They knew all the possible outcomes but decided in their infinite wisdom that the bloodshed would be worth the transformation.

The problem with racism is it is the first difference you notice when seeing someone, even from a mile it is possible to make out whether the person is white or black.  So importing those who are a tad ‘different’ in numbers far exceeding any Roman, Viking or Norman invasion, will of course cause problems.  They knew that.

Throw opposing cultures onto the pyre and it’ll make a proper burial for Our Civilisation.  Once the Kingdoms are splintered and divided, a European takeover could be done at ease.  They knew that.

Sure, given time, we will (be forced to) learn to get along, all one big happy workforce.  This is what they work for.

After all, the Civil Wars in Africa only last a few decades.  We can risk all that our people have built so a few of the privileged can feel warm and fuzzy inside, safe in the knowledge that a little bit of Britain has been given away to a foreign culture.  No consideration for future Britons who may have to face down requests from communities seeking majority rule in the colonised boroughs of Britain.

Another example of Tory incompetence is their persistent and futile fight against the EU.  They have said more than once they will “ask” Brussels.  I mean we are either a Free and Independent Nation or we are nothing at all.  Certainly not British.  According to Maurice, we need to get those “Elites” to listen to the “EU working class voters“.


They have never listened to no-one except their backers, and we can all guess at who they are.

Nothing British ‘Tory-brand’ tripe from Maurice Cousins (original HERE):

In its fourth annual report into racism and intolerance, EU anti-racism quango the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) states that there have been “positive steps in fighting discrimination” in the UK, but argues for greater intervention in the media.

The ECRI says it is encouraged by measures taken by the UK government, including:
» 1. The strengthening legal framework for combating racism and discrimination.
» 2. New criminal provisions on the prohibition of religious hatred have been enacted and police forces now apply a uniform definition of racist incidents.
» 3. Continuing improvement in educational attainment among black and minority ethnic pupils and the narrowing gap between minority ethnic groups.

The report also – worryingly – salutes the introduction of Harriet Harman’s barmy Equality Bill, which has been condemned by the Pope and right across the political spectrum.

The ECRI acknowledges that although positive steps in fighting discrimination have taken place, racist violence is -sadly – on the rise and is a “cause for concern” for the Commission. The report stresses that the UK government makes more effort to “prevent such violence from occurring at all”.

Disappointingly, the report is an out of date textbook in how to look at racism in modern Britain. For example it blames the tabloid media for “regularly” presenting immigrants and minorities in a “negative light”. This ignores why support for political extremism is on the rise relying on muddled and lazy criticisms of the tabloid press instead.

Of particular concern is one of the ECRI’s recommendations for combating this popular perception: calling for greater Government interference in the free press.

The ECRI “strongly” calls for the Government to “continue and intensify their efforts to impress” on the media that reporting does not “contribute to creating an atmosphere of hostility and rejection” towards ethnic minorities. It then urges the Government to be “proactive” in countering such an atmosphere.

Unless Europe’s elite recognises the legitimate concerns of EU working class voters, who are victims of policy failures stemming from globalisation, noble efforts against racism and intolerance will be utterly meaningless.

My reply:

“Unless Europe’s elite recognises the legitimate concerns of EU working class voters, who are victims of policy failures stemming from globalisation, noble efforts against racism and intolerance will be utterly meaningless.”

You honestly think they care?  All the problems with immigration and the promotion of multiculturalism was foreseen many moons ago.  Yet ‘YOU’ did it anyway.

No consideration for those communities that became displaced due to the multiple varieties of new competition.

All ‘YOU’ can think about is being warm and fuzzy, squeezing the money-machine that is society with dodgy departments and more ‘community’ interventions to take a swipe at the plebs, and this is how you convince us?

By telling us that the solution of our woes rest in the hands of those who caused them?

I have seen the borough of my ancestors handed over on a silver platter to those whose only connection to these islands is a piece of paper.  And I’m suppose to be okay with that?

My blood was okay when it was dying around the globe for the precious Empire yet today I’m expected to be quiet as not to offend those that displace me.

Every newcomer that arrives is another ten Britons that will support the BNP.  Only have to wander down Peckham Park Road towards the Old Kent to see the future of Britain if we leave any of the Establishment in charge.

For too long the problem of race and integration has been swept under the carpet, some say purposely due to a ‘Frankfurt School’ type plan, others because we have Parliamentarians with the brain power of a rocking horse.

For that is what it boils down to.  The Bastards that Be knew resentment would be caused by large migrations but still did it.

But why would they embark on such a mission?

Is this destabilisation part and parcel for the coming New World Order?  Or some grander plan is at work, where us in the West are the Noah’s Ark taking as many varieties as possible before the apocalypse?  (metaphorically of course – wouldn’t be the first time a civilisation has been wiped out).




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