Digg War | Nationalism versus Useful-Idiot

6 03 2010

The Times ran a story in regards to Geert Wilders‘ arrival to Blighty along with the subsequent protests and counter-protests.

No mention of the protesting about the amount protesting that London now enjoys.  Maybe due to the fact it only consisted of me and a colleague.  More BBC bias, showing more about Palestine than they do of my plight!

After musing on Mr Wilders’ visit in a previous posting, I dugg the story and left the following comment in the thread provided by the Digg team:

“Welcome Greet.  Sorry for the infestation but after years of misgovernment, you will find London kinda strange.

Nationalists want their Homelands back, is that so hard to understand?”

A little tongue in cheek, nothing inoffensive and an honest question, one that of course like so many others placed on threads, attract the wrong kind of answers.  Must remind myself to stop leaving messages while drunk, they always come with spelling mistakes which only encourages more witless jargon, gems like this from Gwyddyon:

“Easy to understand. Hard to stomach. I suppose after they get their Homelands back, they’ll need a buffer, too, maybe a bit of, oh, say, “living room”…”

Instead of going for the easy kill, I thought I would reason with the child.  It is not his fault believing the lies that equate Nationalism with Warmongering, all they ever show is how evil European Nationalism was in WWII, forgetting the fact that is was the same form of Nationalism that saved Her those tyrants.

“So we should all bask in the joys of globalization?  Packaged into obedient little workers in factories pumping out useless toxic products for faceless corporations?  That is if we are ‘economically viable’ of course.

Immigration is bound to be about race, culture, religion, in fact, all those things that marks us out as part of something.  With Islam though, this is an ideology that is more political than religious.  We cannot tolerate the intolerable can we?  What about the possible future? Why is it fine and dandy to risk all that our nations have built for the benefit of accommodating peoples that oppose our own?

The natives across the world didn’t like it when evil Whitey Rulers sailed armies made up of my ancestors across the waves and conquered their lands, so why should I? Being a native Briton, why should I embrace the displacement process of ‘my’ people? And to rub salt into my wounds, the newcomers do not even have to fight their way here, just buy a ticket than claim asylum.

Competition is still competition and if you haven’t noticed, Britain is a tiny Island off the coast of Europe.  Thinking that we can support an infinite number of people on a finite mass of land is retarded to say the least.

Even more retarded is expecting a diverse nation to be united in common cause.  The very notion of diversity is division. Earliest empire trick? Divide and Rule.

Still hard to stomach or can you see the logic behind the reasoning?”

And after such an eloquent reply, could the pleb return the courtesy and not resort to psueado-namecalling?

“Nope, xenophobia is still hard to stomach. Sorry.

“Diversity is division”? Patent bullshit. Case in point: THE superpower for the last 20 years is BUILT on diversity and immigration.”

The fool understands yet still finds protecting ones’ homeland hard to stomach due to the perceived ‘xenophobic’ tendencies, proving there really is no hope for some of our folk.  Too deluded in their ways in trying to prevent perceived injustices, they fail to see the unpleasant truth that people differ in many ways, some harmless that will cause little friction, others not so harmless that will inflame resentment.

“Xenophobia is a fear of other cultures. Well, when those cultures promote an anti-British or anti-Western sentiment, I do fear them moving next-door. Wouldn’t you?

By all means, let us invite those who will benefit Britain greatly and ‘fit in’ so to speak, but to invite those who seek to change or drain us is National Suicide.

Diversity.  Division. Divide.  Simple English.

And the Superpower wasn’t built on diversity, it was built on fear. Also, America is not the same as Britain is it? Any chance of redeeming yourself with some mathematics? Or maybe some background history? Maybe explain the historical similarities, considering that we have accepted over 3 million (conservative estimate) immigrants in the last thirty years compared to 600,000 the previous 300, and how that relates to the great migrations to the Americas?

Are you part of the dread leftarded armies of doom? Antifa and anti-racist or just a soul concerned for the well-being of every butterfly? I only ask due to the fact that you are full of emotion and seem to lack any basic logic. And I don’t do emotional, especially when half-cut.”

Even half-cut I can ground the Leftards into the ground.  So busy in absorbing the facts they paid for in fancy books and dvd collections of Band of Brothers that they forget to think for themselves.  Still, ignorance is bliss and they say blind faith can be amazing.  Lot of zealous cultlike groups in this day and age.

Question everything.

Although not me, for I haven’t the time nor the education.  All I have is my common sense and even that can come loose sometimes.




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