EU | Missing minarets already

7 03 2010

Considering that Switzerland is a Sovereign Democratic Nation that is only an EU partner, surely this would mean the right for the EU to meddle in their internal affairs was minimal to say the least.  Or is this the joys of multiculturalism and multi-nationalism within our lands, that the ‘Muslim block vote’ the Leftarded Rulers need to destroy us are pressuring them?

Once again I will throw a couple of my own theories in there.

The Powers that Be who pronounce they are supporters of a ‘Liberal Secular Democracy’ are using the mass influx of those whose loyalties are questionable to either dilute National Pride in ones’ Homelands, thus taking away the emotional attachment that sometimes gets in the way of progressive policies.  Or a deliberate attempt to create a situation where Democracy could be suspended indefinitely and replaced with a Soviet-style politico.

Statement by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance on the ban of the construction of minarets in Switzerland

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) wishes to express its deep concern about the results of the Swiss popular initiative which approved the inclusion, in the Federal Constitution, of a new provision banning the construction of minarets.

In its report on Switzerland published on 15 September 2009, ECRI clearly regretted that “an initiative that infringes human rights can be put to vote”. ECRI added that it “very much hoped that it would be rejected”.

The figure of 57,5% in favour of the ban, and the fact that the Federal Council’s and other key Swiss stakeholders’ call to vote against went unheeded, are difficult to reconcile with the efforts made to combat prejudice and discrimination in the country over the last years. This vote will result in discrimination against Muslims and infringe their freedom of religion. As ECRI has warned in its report, this risks creating further stigmatisation and racist prejudice against persons belonging to the Muslim community.

ECRI calls on the Swiss authorities to study carefully the consequences of this vote and do their utmost to find solutions that are in keeping with international human rights law. In the meantime, ECRI emphasises the urgent need for the Swiss authorities to follow-up on its recommendation “to pursue their efforts and dialogue with Muslim representatives”.

The European Union doing what it does best.  Like they ‘coerced’ the Irish into voting yes to the dreaded Treaty (along with the usual vote-rigging so accustomed to our Educated Rulers), threatened the Polish President by urging his fellow parliamentarians to push for a vote of no confidence unless he signed the Treaty, and then further showed their darker side by nibbling away at the Czech President, they will now do the same to the Swiss people.

We no longer live in a Union, we live in an Empire, one that is hungry to secure its conquests.  Problem is, we don’t even know who our Emperor is.  We can guess until we’re blue in the face but we cannot know for sure.

How can we defeat a foe capable of capitulating entire nations with ‘coercsion’ when we do not even know who we are dealing with?




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