Europe | Iceland say ‘No’ to extortion

7 03 2010

The Icelandic people who like ourselves, have been roped into deals of which they had no say over,  have spoken and thankfully rejected the extortion rackets’ ruse of paying for the Banksters mistakes.  The people were not benefiting from the boom time so why should the people carry the burden?

The Icelandic Government are still putting up a diplomatic front and if they fail, surely another job for the EU Commissioners to meddle with.  The following is from the Beeb but has been heavily edited due to the amount of foreplay applied.

Iceland rejects plan to repay Icesave debts

Voters in Iceland have overwhelmingly rejected proposals to pay the UK and the Netherlands in the wake of collapse of the Icesave bank.

According to partial results, some 98% of voters said “No” in a referendum.

Iceland’s prime minister had urged people to shun the referendum, saying her government would continue talks.

The British and Dutch governments want reimbursement for the 3.8bn euros (£3.4bn; $5.2bn) they paid out in compensation to customers in 2008.

Talks between Iceland, the UK and the Netherlands three countries broke down on Friday without agreement.

But Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir said even she would not vote in Saturday’s poll as her government was seeking to continue the negotiations.

Early provisional results from just 18,000 voters showed the “No” campaign ahead with a dominant 98% of votes.

There is also anger against the UK for using anti-terrorist legislation to freeze Icesave assets in the country.

Arni Gunnarsson, a former Icelandic MP, told the BBC News website: “We have not forgotten how Britain used battleships against Iceland during the cod wars.

“We find this a very strange method of thanking the Icelandic people for sacrificing the lives of their seamen during World War II.

“The colonial attitude is still going strong. The UK should come to its senses.”

The Reykjavik government approved the repayment plan last December but it was blocked by Mr Grimsson in January, which led to the referendum being called.

The cheek of that last dig at us Britons.  How dare Iceland tell any flea-bitten nation about past misdeeds, especially Britain’s, when they are guilty of producing Björk!?




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