UK | March of the herbivores

7 03 2010

Harperson will be remembered not only for being a witch but also her perseverance to push through the upcoming and misnamed Equality Bill.  This will criminalize all thoughts and actions that are not ‘approved’ by the right committee and ‘may cause offence’ to the wrong person.  Community Cohesion is the name of the game, even if it is done with the full force of the law, us plebs will get along or end up in court.

More confirmation of how mad this Act would be is the fact that it ‘identifies’ even more ‘special interest groups’, giving them ‘extra legal protection’ to protect them from unwanted challenges.  How do you get equality by treating some groups more equal than others?  Didn’t the term ‘harrashment’ cover what are now being designated as ‘hate-crimes’?

The mind literally boggles at what our Parliamentarians conspire to do with their buddies in the world of Law, Finance and Industry.  One thing for sure though, we rarely feel the benefits and yet reminded daily that it is we who bear the costs.

Don’t mock my lentils: vegans to get discrimination rights

VEGANS and teetotallers are to be given the same protection against discrimination as religious groups, under legislation championed by Harriet Harman, the equalities minister.

Members of cults and “new religions” such as Scientology, whose supporters include the film stars Tom Cruise and John Travolta, would also be offered protection, as would atheists.

A code of practice explaining the legal implications of the equality bill states that religions need not be mainstream or well known for their adherents to gain protection. “A belief need not include faith or worship of a god or gods, but must affect how a person lives their life or perceives the world.”

The code, drawn up by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, singles out vegans, who do not eat any animal products or wear leather, as meriting protection from religious discrimination. It says: “A person who is a vegan chooses not to use or consume animal products of any kind. That person eschews the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, accessories or any other purpose and does so out of an ethical commitment to animal welfare.”

A spokesman from the commission explained: “This is about someone for whom being vegan or vegetarian is central to who they are. This is not something ‘thought up by the commission’. Parliament makes the law, the courts interpret it and the commission offers factual and proportionate guidance to organisations where necessary. We are providing guidance on the implications of the equality bill.”

The legislation also covers “any religious belief or philosophical belief” and even “a lack of belief”.

Philosophical beliefs to be protected could include humanism and pacifism, but a spokesman for Harman said scientific or political beliefs such as Marxism and fascism would not be covered. The commission added that the recently founded International Church of Jediism, with 500,000 followers worldwide who base their philosophy on the Star Wars films, would not qualify. Beliefs had to be heartfelt.

The watchdog also warns that advertisements giving preferential treatment to men or women could be illegal. This could mean the end of “ladies’ nights” at clubs, when women receive cut-price drinks or free entrance but men pay full price.

People for whom abstention from alcohol was a way of life would also be protected. Conversely, the bill would make it unlawful for a shopkeeper to refuse to sell cigarettes to a woman because she was pregnant.

Interesting that they use the phase “…eschews the exploitation of animals…” when describing the virtuous vegan ‘belief‘.  Personally, I would round-up all vegetarians and place them in the Nile, show them how the animal kingdom cares about us humans when we’re lunch (sic).  We are what we are, not what we want to be.

Another thing of interest is the fact that certain “…scientific or political beliefs…” will not be ‘protected‘ while other ‘philosophical‘ persuasions might be.  Government approval needed I suppose, wouldn’t want anyone to challenge the ideas of those Globalists, all with their ‘wholesome, communistic, brotherhood of humanists’ leanings.  While it will surely be open-season for us pesky Nationalists with our ‘bigoted, fascist, racist, narrow-minded’ views which have no place in The Establishment’s designs for a Corporatized Europe.

How the mighty fall.  Our Government corrupt, our Law Courts corrupt, our Monarch, well, either part of the solution or part of the problem, and Her Majesty hasn’t exactly protected the borders lately or dissolved with just cause a Parliament consisting of half-wits and scoundrels, some who have not even got a democratic mandate.

Freedom of speech, soon we’ll need permission.  Way we’re heading, one man’s harmless quip will become another man’s ticket to court.




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