UK | Mad Hatter Harperson

8 03 2010

Harriet providing us with more irony than a UAF sponsored march.  This is a woman who has spent her entire political life trying to tell us what to do, think and eat.

Yet once more this witch defies basic human logic while being interviewed by Andrew Marr.

Explaining her opposition against the rules in place for the stage-managed ‘Political TV Debate’ programme regarding clapping and heckling has spurted out the following gem:

“I mean are Brits going to sit there and be told: ‘Don’t groan, don’t laugh, don’t clap’. I don’t think people will do that, I think people will engage.”

(Source HERE)

I have literally flushed things down the toilet that have more brainpower than this wretched woman.  Voting for such oppressive measures such as ID cards, anti-terrorism laws and the Iraq war.  She even stands accused of trying to water-down the parliamentary reforms the crooked cow (source HERE).

More information on the Mad Hatter of Peckham can be had HERE from the good folks at TheyWorkForYou.




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