Mindless Musing | Britons waking up

10 03 2010

More and more are aware that our Government’s plans do not have our best interests at heart.  Labour have consistently been caught out and have only gotten this far due to one of two things.

Either the entire political class that inhabit the Houses of Swine are a bunch of retarded bastards who need 24hr supervision in a ‘special place’ or…  they are all in cahoots.  They are all keen supporters of the Eunification Project.

A real Opposition would have destroyed the Government at the mere hint of the following things.

Labour lies about the reasons for importing as many cultures as possible and we hear nothing.  Why?  Because Dave “Likes Britain the way it is“.

Labour lies about the reasons for going to war against Iraq and Afghanistan antagonizing the Islamic World and we hear nothing.  Why?  Because Dave’s mates in the corporate world are making a ‘killing‘ at our expense.

Labour lies about the reasons for enacting so many laws and rubber-stamping EU regulations and we hear nothing.  Why?  Because Dave with Ken Clarke heading up the flank ‘are the EU’.

The Conservatives have been absolutely useless in the last thirteen years as opposition so why would anyone believe Dave & Co could make a good government is beyond me.

Good news though is the fact that we may be heading towards a hung parliament as Britons wake up that there is no choice between the Established Parties except the colour of the rosette.   All have been caught with their fingers in the till, all have dubious ‘second jobs’ and even more have dubious ‘acquaintances’ and all are proven professional liars.  Hopefully this will mean we get the chance of a real opposition.

Bad news is, if the Conservatives and Labour get the lions’ share of seats, they will form a coalition and carry on regardless of our opposition.  Sadly, we cannot rely on our Monarch to dissolve a future Parliament due to the reluctance shown by Her Majesty to sack the current traitorous one.  Like it or not, we are on our own.  Our nobles are obsolete, our industrialists have sold out and our politicians are nothing more than puppets.

Nationalism saves Nations.  Her Majesty owns an Empire.  Work it out.

The future will involve hard work no matter who we vote for but wouldn’t it be better if it was a Nationalist Government was able to lead the way instead of the current offering of Corporate-led Stooges?




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