London | Criminal behaviour

12 03 2010

Crime is as common as the people who inhabit my wonderful borough.  But where my Grandma in her day used to have a ‘off-licence‘ stocked up from the docks putting food on the table for all the street, the crims of today will gladly ‘beat you of your change‘ for the fun of it.  I am talking about the criminal underworld of South London here, not the barbaric East End mobsters.  Old Kent Road used to have more blaggers per square inch than the City had banks!

With the modernisation of the docks and the Police keen for ‘results‘, clamped down on our own relatively harmless easy-money and community-enriching enterprises.  Of course, if only the Police had pursued our foreign competitors with the same zeal, we wouldn’t have had to put up with so many street robberies or home burglaries (and I’m leaving out the more gruesome crimes on purpose).

In Law & Order moments, the ‘passing the buck’ strategy is usually played.  The Command will blame the Politicians who will blame the Police who will bitch to their ‘Union‘ (all those Mickey-Mouse groups) who will then ‘plead‘ with the ACPO who will then ‘pressure‘ the Government to give even more ‘resources‘ to battle crime.

All part of a grander plan I’m sure.  All these Institutions need their ‘purpose‘.  Parliamentarians need ‘progress‘.  Police need ‘crime‘.  Hospitals need ‘sick people‘.  Lawyers need ‘Law-breakers‘.  Charities need ‘causes‘.  Idle-hands need ‘stuff-to-do‘.

Swings and roundabouts.

The Bastards that Be with their lax border controls provided the open invite and along with a favourable ‘Law’ system, migrant criminal gangs would be stupid not to try to exploit our weaknesses.  These people did not care about the Britons they displaced and the customs discarded anymore than those Parliamentarians.  They simply saw, took and screamed racist if anyone complained.  Crap justice system and even crappier deterrent.

Something to help put tourists of from visiting Southwark will be the crime Stat-Porn.   There was a total of 2835 ‘notifiable offences in January 2010 (11.58 per 1000 people).  Estimated population of Southwark is 230,000 souls.  That doesn’t include the illegals sadly, although judging by the amount of times Peckham features on Sky’s Border Police, probably an extra 10,000 or so.  And that is my conservative estimate.

  • Residential burglary    152    (0.62)

  • Burglary other    88    (0.36)

  • Theft of motor vehicle    83    (0.34)

  • Theft from motor vehicle    133    (0.54)

  • Robbery business    24    (0.10)

  • Robbery personal    178    (0.73)

  • Violence against the person    682    (2.79)

  • Most serious violence    47    (0.19)

  • Anti-social behaviour    1235    (5.04)

You can find out your own London borough figures HERE at the MET Police Crime Map.

Another great reason to buy one of these…

For if the cops can carry this “nonlethal” weapon, I see no reason why myself, a Law-abiding (when it suits me) Briton shouldn’t have the right also.  Considering most of my rivals are more used to these…

Surely fair is fair.

Those who the God wish to destroy, He first creates Leftarded Butterfly-loving, Bleeding-Heart Liberals to drive us mad!  For all the good intentions the Bastards that Be had, they sure haven’t got a clue.




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