Cameron | Positive Discrimination

18 03 2010

Head Tory Cameron showing his anti-white credentials and proving he is nothing more than dodgy salesman, working the slums of South London.

This time the target are all those blacks, with PR Dave sounding off promises of government-backed, positive-discrimination, taxpayer-financed support the indigenous poor could only dream of.  Bet the last time he saw so many dark faces was in Africa.

First stop is Lewisham…

David Cameron promises to support black entrepreneurs

Nicholas Watt, chief political correspondent.  The Guardian, Wednesday 17 March 2010

Tory leader wants to ‘take down the barriers that stop so many black people realising their potential’

A national mentoring programme to help thousands of aspiring black business people will be funded by a Tory government as David Cameron seeks to overcome “racial barriers” which mean that black African entrepreneurs are four times more likely to be denied bank loans.

In a speech to black leaders in London tonight, Cameron will outline a series of obstacles faced by black people hoping to go into business as he pledges to intensify Tory efforts to champion minority ethnic communities.

Writing in today’s Guardian, the Tory leader says: “In Britain today, too many people are denied the chance to escape poverty and build a better life for themselves and their family. Sadly, this is especially true for people in Britain’s black community.”

Cameron outlines the challenges facing black business people:

  • Black African-owned firms are more than four times more likely than white-owned firms to be denied a loan.
  • Nearly half (44%) of entrepreneurs from black African backgrounds and more than a third (39%) of those from black Caribbean backgrounds report that fear of rejection deterred them from a loan application. The figure for white entrepreneurs is 4%.
  • More black people want to start a business than from any other ethnic group, but fewer succeed. Nearly one third (31%) want to start a business, compared with 9% of the white population.

Cameron writes: “A new Conservative government must do better. I want to take down the barriers that stop so many black people realising their potential. Partly, we’ll do this through our core reform agenda. By tackling the causes of poverty … we can succeed where Labour failed.”

The Tory leader said that he would introduce measures to tackle racial barriers “by turning Labour’s failing welfare schemes into a radical plan to get Britain working. This will include funding for a national mentoring programme for black people who want to start a business. It will provide would-be black entrepreneurs with the targeted support, advice – and, crucially, role models – they need to access finance and work for themselves.”

Nothing like a bit of positive discrimination, remember, it isn’t racist when the Establishment do it.  We are told we are equal yet time and again are treated like second-class citizens.  Worse still, none of this will come to fruition.  Or on the off-chance that is does, it shall be rendered into some self-serving scheme for a few head-honchos.

What it will mean though is that it’ll be ME who will face the “racial barriers“.  The next day PR Dave visited my ancestral homeland, didn’t promise me shit though…

Cameron in pledge to black voters

Evening Standard.  18th March 2010

David Cameron has reached out to black voters telling them that the Conservative Party had come “a long way” when it came to opening itself up to ethnic minorities.

At an event in Peckham, south-east London, the Tory leader spent over an hour taking questions on a variety of issues affecting the local and wider community.

Among the pledges he made was an end to police using terrorism laws to search people not suspected of terror-related offences.

He also vowed to increase powers to prevent BNP members from becoming teachers.

I think being a member of the BNP and being a teacher is completely incompatible,” Mr Cameron said.

He added that headteachers should be given more rights when it came to hiring and firing staff.

“Any good headteacher would not have a member of the BNP within a hundred miles of a school. They should be able to fire someone for that reason,” he said. The comment received the loudest applause of the evening from the 200-plus strong audience.

Mr Cameron told those gathered at the Harris Academy that he did not believe people voted on issues that only affected their own race. “I generally believe in a one nation Conservative Party, a one nation Britain,” he said.

But Mr Cameron added that “for a long time” there were reasons why black people would hold back from supporting the Conservative Party. He added that the Tories had taken a “huge step” forward.

Pandering to the audience, be it muslims, poofters or voodoo-children, PR Dave has the soundbite for one and all.  For if the policies don’t sell, can always rely on a bit of BNP-bashing to rouse the ethnics.  So all in all, another load of ‘cast-iron guarantees’ (to be amended, broken or forgotten at a later date) from Camp Cameron with a hefty dollop of anti-Nationalist tripe.

Why we need an

Operation White Vote!

What’s good for the goose…

… is good for the gander

The London Patriot has an interesting article pointing out exactly what the Establishment are playing at.

Possible?  Wouldn’t be the first time a Marxist Government has willingly slaughtered their own inhabitants.




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