BNP | There is no other way

20 03 2010

Stop being a turkey voting for Christmas and see that your Nation is at threat.  And if the Establishment succeed in that, what then for our own individuality?

Watch the video below and listen carefully.

The Bastards that Be have declared open war on the indigenous working class, using Lawfare and Coercion to further their internationalist goals.  Guess the Godfather’s Tom Hagen was right:  “A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns“.

So unless you like uncontrolled immigration, Eurocrats ruling from afar and the blatant thievery committed by the Establishment, our only hope rests with the British National Party.  You want a real democracy, choose a democratic party, not the Fabians-infected Tri-Parties who only offer European Fascism.

Our solution does not reside in those who caused the problems.  And for all you who scream “but they’re racist”, they said the same about Enoch Powell and you bought it.  Are you really that stupid to fall for it again?

The Globalists despise Nationalism and so have their media outlets denigrate the idea.  Look past all the spin and see that Nationalism is the only way a Nation should be governed.

The Establishment care as much about the newcomers as they do the indigenous, to them it is just a means to an end.  And the end is the prospect of living under Corporatism.

So come this election, put your cross somewhere where it’ll matters, the BNP.




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