WWII | The real reason we fought it

21 03 2010

According to the plastic patriots and the international socialists, the only reason Britain fought Nazi Germany was to combat fascism.  Even 89-year-old UAF supporter and WWII vet Bertie Lois seems to think the only reason we went to war was to stop fascism.

No, we didn’t.

We went to war because Britain signed a treaty with Poland, a fastist dictatorship itself at the time, in an effort to stop Hitler invading.  So we did not exclusively fight against fascism, we actually defended it.

Of course Hitler thought the British were bluffing and so invaded Poland and the rest, as they say is history.

Historians like to overlook the fact that Germany at that time did not wish to fight the British, due to the fact our Royal Navy ruled the waves at the time while Hitler’s one was insufficient.  Of course, if us Britons had done nothing, it would have given Hitler plenty of time to mount a serious naval challenge and possibly the strength to overcome our own Empire.

And there lies the most important reason that Britain fought against Hitler, because a United Europe would be a serious threat to British interests.  So whenever someone on the continent had hopes of conquering the whole of Europe, British armies have been mobilised to stop it out of self-interest.

Conclusion:  Britain went to war for Her own self-interests.  Everything else that followed was just propaganda.

For an interesting perspective on events yesterday in Bolton, head over to this ARRSE message board, quite a tense debate is going on and our dear old Bertie even gets a few mentions.




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21 03 2010

Could Bertie himself be a Trot? If not, he might be a Stalinist or one of 57 other different varieties of Marxist. Alternatively, he could just be an unwitting dupe. If I’m not mistaken, Polish nationalists in the Warsaw Rising of 1944 (i.e. not the Jewish ghetto one of 1943) were branded by Stalin as “fascists”, so it’s pretty standard stuff for Marxists to describe any potential opposition using this playground taunt.

21 03 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Could be. Wouldn’t surprise me though if he was a UAF member’s demented granddad just happy for the day out tbh.

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