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22 03 2010

The fleet my cousin was serving on in the early 80s was travelling towards the Indian Ocean via Suez Canal, alongside a much larger US Naval fleet.  Coming upon the start of the canal, the American Commander announced over his tannoy “Make way for the largest Navy in the world!”.

Not to be outdone, our very own Top Brass pushed full steam ahead and bellowed, “Make way for the best!”.  Nothing like a bit of friendly banter.

So I’ve always had a soft spot for the Royal Navy, Jeez, I think every Briton should for all the protection She has provided our islands.  Well, maybe not the Irish Republicans but we can’t please everyone (sic).  Went to sign-up at 17 but high-tailed out of there when the recruiter mentioned submarines, due to an incident at the Imperial War Museum.  Inside the main hall lies a WWII era, German built, Biber Midget Submarine from 1944 which I ‘accidently’ climbed in, and ‘midget’ by name, midget by nature.

Put me right of them.

Imperial War museum Midget Sub.

But after seeing the new Astute Class attack and surveillance toys the Royal Navy are getting, am thinking of overcoming my fears.  One amazing piece of kit capable of carrying Cruise Missiles that have a range of a thousand miles able to reach 98% of Earth’s surface, Spearfish torpedoes capable of sinking the largest Aircraft carriers and with the latest in stealth and radar technology means the enemy will never know it’s there.

Click pictures to enlarge.

Front of the beast.

Better than anything Roman Abramovich owns.

Details, details, details.

Tomahawk launched.

Spearfish torpedo.

The Americans may have the largest navy in the world.  But we have the Best!




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23 03 2010

Well lets hope so! For the last 13 years this government has been doing its best to ruin the Royal Navy by cuts and underfunding. The Royal Navy still has some great people and equipment but to be honest the fleet is over-stretched, under-manned and not getting anything like the numbers of ships and submarines it need to remain ‘the best’.

23 03 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Thanks for the input. I still reckon if we only had a dingy and a paddle we’d be the best. No nation could overshadow our naval history given a thousand years!

Worst thing the Establishment have done though is invade nations and then accept the refugees, sheer madness! At the current rate, we’ll need the army on the streets soon. All due to incompetence and good intentions.

On a serious point, the devaluing of the Armed Forces is part of the plan to subvert us all into some European defence network. Plus, no point in protecting our waters from invading armies with large naval fleets, due to the fact our Government has given them all visas and passports!

That is why we need a Nationalist Government. How can a Fabians’ Internationalist Government have the best interests of the nation at heart? They can’t.

You have my support. We must Save the Royal Navy

She deserves it.

18 02 2011

great picks mate! Take it from a 9 year submariner in the R.N. it is scary in a sub at first but you learn to love it. if you get a chance to join the submarine service do it is a brilliant experience.

CPO E.W.M. Craddock

1 03 2011
Jack'd Ripp'd

Many thanks for the encouraging comment, if I had to choose between the services, it’d definitely be the Navy (not just cos I don’t fancy sharing a foxhole with the after-effects of lunch).

And after your recommendation, I would have no trouble adjusting to life under the sea. Much more spacious these new subs too, and with the air filtering mechanisms, no need to wallow in one’s own odours as they did many moons ago.

27 02 2011

I understand the RN may see it’s the best through it’s history however i beg to differ.Currently the US Navy in gross tonns and firepower is the biggest and best the World has ever seen.History and better training does not make you the best Navy.Numbers and capabilites and roles do.The US Navy is the only true bluwater Navy in the World.The RN can’t even come close as demostrated in the Falklands when you lost ships and aircraft.The RN also had to depend on US sat inteligence to make the invasion work.The RN if it faced the current US Navy would be bona fide cannon fooder true story.If the World was on fire the World would ask for the US Navy not the RN.The US Navy currently has 346.000 active duty saliors with 81 thousand officers with 4 year B.A. degrees.The Royal Navy has around 36 thousand active duty sailors.So the US Navy has 3x more officers than the Royal has in active sailors lol.The US Navy also has 2 super carrier battlegroups for every ocean with 1 extra and 2 anfibous battle groups for every ocean with 2 extra.With alot of ships left over not asigned to battle groups.The RN and the US Navy are equal in quality of ships because both countrys share tech.If the Royal Navy is the best how come you were captured by Iran.If your the best how come you did not see that coming.I’m just trying to prove British arogance on the subject stop being British and accept reality.The US Navy is the best has been since the end of WW2 after it beat Japan.

1 03 2011
Jack'd Ripp'd

Without the Royal Navy, the USA would be a very different place today. So in actual fact, YOU owe EVERYTHING to the Royal Navy. EVERYTHING!

And once more, yes, the Royal Navy represents the greatest sea-faring organisation the world has and will ever see.

Remember, you’re following in our footsteps.

So instead of trying to counter British arrogance, perhaps have a gander at your own.

8 12 2011

Again i beg to differ.The might of the Royal Navy is only in the History books.This Generation does not look at the 1700s,1800s,and 1900s anymore lol.It looks at current events and gives a crap about the past.Don’t get me wroung it makes good reads the history of the Freanch and Royal Navys.But now in 2011 nobody cares about the past.

7 06 2011

no just no

8 12 2011

I hate to say it but looking at the current RN you guys are cannon fooder.You better be thanking God your Allies with the USA.Otherwise Russia or China would love to serve your Royal Navy cold.

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