MFC | We beat Leeds 2-0

23 03 2010

Reason for the lack of blogging.  Can’t concentrate on football and the mindless mindings at the same time, afterall, I’m not Jesus!  Hence the reason for the Royal Navy post.

Will resume usual keyboard mutterings Tuesday evening, got to be in work early tomorrow so no time for a quickie in the morning, let alone a post.

But for those that wish to know about the mighty…

Bit of a rough and tumble of a match with both teams taking no prisoners, yet Millwall were solid at the back while excellent in front while Leeds dominated the centre-play.  Morrison scored the first in the opening of the game while Batt finished them off with ten minutes to go.  Wonderful match due to the history between the clubs as well as the past bruises shared by the fans.

Third in the League now but I’m not gona jinx it, still got a long way to go.  Another highlight of the evening though was seeing one of my hooligan friends in the crowd.  Always nice to see them on the TV on something other than Crimewatch.

Come on you Lions!




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