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24 03 2010

Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party and the Revd George Hargreaves, Leader of the Christian Party UK had a debate on Revelation TV last night and for those that missed it, got the first part here.

Kudos to HISTROIKA for the uploads but a big congrationlations is in order for the owner of Revelations TV.  You’ll understand why if you watch all the clips.

Part One:

For the rest, follow the link and keep an eye out for the UAF dope.

Reaction from Revd Hargreaves, who has a cheek condemning Mr Griffin for Identity Politics when he describes himself as a “British Born, Black Pastor” and is desperately trying to shore up the Christian Black Vote.  The following hit-piece from the Christian Today website exposes more of the good Reverend’s tactics than it does of Nick the Nationalist.

Black churches not welcome in white areas, says BNP leader

Posted: Tuesday, March 23, 2010, 15:54 (GMT)

Black churches would not be welcome or receive grants from a BNP local or national government if their ministry and place of worship were to be in a “historically white area”, BNP leader Nick Griffin admitted on live TV last night.

Mr Griffin aired his views in a controversial live debate with the leader of the Christian Party and British-born, black pastor Rev George Hargreaves on Revelation and Genesis TV.

Both men are standing against Labour Minister Margaret Hodge for the Barking constituency in the up-coming general election.

The two were debating the motion: “That the election of any BNP MP or leader of a Local Authority will be detrimental to Black and ethnic minority Christians in particular and the wider church in general in Britain.

Mr Griffin revealed that his understanding of Christian heritage was one of “national pride and history”, rather than a personal and corporate dedication to Jesus Christ. When asked about his own relationship with God, he stated his relationship was not so much with Jesus, but rather with an ideal of what the Anglican church as the ‘state church’ should be.

When asked if the BNP would allow black churches to purchase building in certain areas of London, Mr Griffin made it clear that any church composed primarily of ethnic groups would be disallowed in historically white majority areas, and forced to conduct their worship in areas deemed suitable by a white political leadership.

Rev Hargreaves said: “BNP policy is to oppose the community cohesion that would allow non-Christians to hear the Gospel at, say, Christian school assemblies.

“Most alarming for Christians and churches, is their policy on ‘eliminating multiculturalism spending’. Their policy is to overhaul the Charity Commission and debar from having charitable status any organisation that promotes multiculturalism, multi-racism and foreign religions, in fact, only ‘indigenous groups’ are welcome and would receive funding.”

The current BNP Mission Statement states: “The British National Party exists to secure a future for the indigenous peoples of these islands in the North Atlantic which have been our homeland for a millennia.”

Revd Hargreaves added: “This statement means that the BNP does not exist for my future any other Black or ethnic minority Christian. And since in Christ racial division are demolished – “for there is neither Greek nor Jew, but all are one in Christ Jesus”– the BNP does not exist for the wider church.

“Last night’s debate clearly shows that the election of any BNP MP or leader of a local authority will be detrimental to black and ethnic minority Christians in particular and the wider church in general in Britain’.”

One of my favourite moans is in regards to African Churches.  And by favourite, I mean most frequent.  For one the singing if awful, they won’t get into heaven with voices like that, Beyoncé they are not!

This will not shock anyone who has had the displeasure of walking in Peckham on a Sunday but my manor is full of Voodoo People Churches.  I say this with disrespect due to the fact that most of them are scams.

What better way to funnel money back home than through a ‘charity’?  What better way to form a community within a community of like-minded tribal people to form common goals?  What better way to be able to give ‘letters of recommendation’ to the Visa People for Auntie Monifa?  What better way to get a ‘rent’ discount?  What better way to make ‘their’ mark in England?

So Mr Griffin is right.  It is an affront to us natives.  A word most people around the world should surely understand.

This is OUR ancestral homeland.  We don’t mind sharing, but to give away our lands to foreigners?  Surely every Christian can understand that cannot be tolerated.  My family never battled this far just to be trodden over.  Why should me and mine face unfair competition in the job market?  Why should me and mine have to burden the changes enrichment brings?

We cannot invite everyone here for a better life no matter how Christian it makes us fill.  We can only save the world by leading by example, which incidentally, due to the incompetence and cowardice shown by the Political Class, has damaged the once proud nature that was the Mother of all Parliaments.  Simple logic, mathematics and common sense is what is needed, not blind compassion, it is suicidal to believe we can save everyone.

You wouldn’t leave your children in the hands of strangers and OUR communities should be treated exactly the same.  I blame the monstrous housing developments in the sixties, the policy of pack’em’in & stack’em’high with the importation of Eshe, Dayo and Ife, which of course broke the community spirit.  All resulting with ‘White Flight’ and the ghettoization of entire estates where tension and distrust turns communities inwards.

So Reverend, you can keep your Black Vote, for you made your intentions clear.  You do not want a Christian State, you want a Christian Corporate State that dictates to the us natives.  We might be ‘All one in Christ’, doesn’t mean we have to share bunk-beds though!

We know that you only wish to help the Black Minority Ethnic (BME) groups set up more communities in our lands and have little interest of us natives.  And of course the BME groups fear a British National Party presence, due to the simple fact that most Africans here want to invite their entire tribe too!

How many African children are in this country receiving a free education while ‘staying with auntie’?  How many times could you sign on with a name like Sauda Nubia Oluwafunmilayo Onyeka Gbemisola?

Living in Peckham, I have witnessed first-hand what “only a few different families” can do, be it Christian, Muslim or Icelandic Popstars.  Everyone likes it so much here, they proceed to invite the rest of their clan over.  How much diversity should I suffer?  Is it fine and dandy for me and mine to become minorities in our own homeland?  Where are my God-given Rights to these lands?

It’s bad enough having Her Royal Highness owning my lands, but at least She doesn’t bother me with her Germanic culture.  Southwark is starting to resemble a turd world town, similar to the ones shown on the Discovery Channel.  The TV doesn’t stink though.

And most importantly, I never voted for that.  No-one I know voted for that.  My parents never voted for that.  My grandparents never voted for that.  Their parents weren’t allowed to vote, they had a brother who could, but even he didn’t vote for that!

So I apologise to God, Jesus and the good Reverend but I will vote Nationalist as the Nation is more important than the feelings of the BME groups.  If Britain falls from within, then what good would that be for any of us here?

Say “NO” to Soviet Empire MkII European Unification!

Say “NO” to mass invasion immigration!

Enough is enough.  If MAJORITY RULE is good enough for Africa, it is good enough fo us!




7 responses

24 03 2010
Sir Henry Morgan

” … the Nation is more important than the feelings of the BME groups. If Britain falls from within, then what good would that be for any of us here?”


28 03 2010

Dear editors , with support for all your legitimate concerns, however, your are missing the major point about immigration , the real issues is the athiest and anti-christians that we voted in , we made a mistake. They have brought in Islam through the back door for financial reasons and created unemployment by shipping jobs to ASIA while you were busy with nationalism.
With reference to immigrants taking over british jobs , this not true , the white british CEOs have finished signing contracts of Jobs to be shipped to india and CHINA CAUSING an imbalance in the market , look at the bigger picture, all your so called jobs are being shipped abroad , it is affecting boths white and blacks , and the white CEOs are involved making massive profit

28 03 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

You imply being “busy with nationalism” as a weakness?

If more people had busied themselves with the well-being of the Nation, maybe “Islam through the back door” wouldn’t have happened.

We also wouldn’t have had any need for a multimillion-pound race-relations-industry. No need for Operation Trident (the ‘black-on-black specialist unit, not the nuclear deterrent). And a major advantage would be the need for less ‘chicken shops’.

Just a thought.

3 04 2010

You might be interested in my article about Revelation TVClick Here to have a look.

6 04 2010

I must say as a British born white women living in peckham that i can no longer go to my local church due to the fact you just can not get into the door for the amount of African people,
old Kent road on a Sunday is packed with cars and every side street off their is heaving with the African church goers parking and double parking with no regard for the local residents at all,, i have even seen an African man in Asda’s car park wearing a yellow coat directing the cars coming in , if your an African going to church you park on the left if you just want to go shopping in asda, well tough theirs no room to park,
its a living nightmare the noise level of the hoards of people coming out of their churches on a Sunday is awful, the African people shout at the top of their voices ,

their are 4 African churches on one small section of old Kent road between peckham park road and albany road,
this is way to much , to the British white people left in the area it has been nick named little Africa, come to peckham you will see why,

6 04 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Thanks for the input and totally agree.

Live near Bird on Bush road so I know firsthand that Peckham has become part of the turd world. I don’t remember this ‘enrichment’ being offered… because if they did, we would never had accepted it, we would have politely said “no thank you” and carried on being from Southwark.

Some of those churches are nothing more than scam operations, getting VAT rebates, funding visas and providing letters of support, and most of all, give the Africans a ‘place of their own’.

Shame no one thought of asking us if we wanted those lands, could have avoided all this. Instead they deem us racist if we dare oppose such cultural shifts in our communities.

The rate London is going, it will be open-warfare on the streets in the next decade between various African gangs. It was bad enough in Rwanda with machetes, here in Peckham, the buggers have machine guns!

God help us, for we have been abandoned by our earthbound protectors.

28 04 2011

So true, the time has come to vote BNP. The time has come to remove ,grant them, what they granted us, in Africa, anti colonalism, anti empirialism, whats good for the goose ,is good for the gander. Heres to the future of the white, Mau Mau, May the BNP extend to the Blacks, the islamists ,the same high regards they have extended to us. JC BNP MEMBER

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