WTF News | Official: Lenny Henry Scares Kids

24 03 2010

Today the Advertising Standards Authority has confirmed that Auntie Beeb’s comedian Lenny Henry’s “aggressive behaviour” and “menacing tone” was likely to “frighten and distress younger children”.  No mention that he is about as funny as the plague and hurts my ears but at least our children won’t have to suffer from the sight and sounds of Lenny’s antics as the ASA have banned any mention of Lenny until after the watershed.

So we still have some way to go before we are all safe but it is a start…

Lenny Henry hotel advertisement ‘too scary’

An advert starring Lenny Henry and parodying horror film The Shining has been banned during children’s programming on the grounds that it is too scary.

Published: 2:45AM GMT 24 Mar 2010

In other ‘WTF News’, Gordon Brown is asked whether he fancies Peter Mandelson by veteran political pink reporter, Martin Popplewell.  No, really.  Forget about the economy, Europe, War on Terror, what everyone really wanted to know is what Gordon likes.

Gordon Brown is asked about a homosexual relationship with Lord Mandelson

Gordon Brown is asked by a magazine for homosexuals whether he would like a relationship with Lord Mandelson.

By Tim Walker.  Published: 10:04PM GMT 23 Mar 2010

Gordon, Peter and the rest of the Whores in Parliament are not gay, straight or asexual, they are all raging nymphomaniacs who love nothing more than screwing Britain!  Could say they each deserve a private cell with all the other like-minded people in HMP Broadmoor, for they pose a serious danger to every Briton’s sanity.

Days like these and I wished I had a Tomahawk Missile handy.  Nothing says’ “feck off” like two-tonnes of high-explosive.




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