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26 03 2010

Stick with this, it gets better after a minute or so, trust me.  The Pale Blue Dot accompanied by an excellent little speech by Carl Sagan.

Now stay off my pixel and I’ll steer clear of yours.

Kudos to Zecastronomo for the upload and a fellow Patriot for the link.




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26 03 2010

Now that Voyagers 1 and 2 have passed through the termination shock of the solar wind and have entered the heliosheath, would Earth even be visible from their vantage points as this insignificant “pale blue dot”? Probably not. Yet in astronomical terms, these two craft have travelled nowhere. The immensity of space is truly mind-boggling; something to which Carl Sagan lent eloquent testimony in the above speech.

27 03 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

My science degree is the angle my jaw drops in thw wow factor to these marvels.

To think we’re like bacteria compared to the vastness of, well, everything.

Damn smart bacteria though with some of the amazing feats we have accomplished. And yet still the powers that be wish to fight over and exploit this planet.

There is a whole universe out there, asteroids that probably contain enough mineral resources to last the planet ten generations. Unless Apple bring out a new ipad, pad, spooge every ten minutes, then maybe two asteroids would be needed.

And the parasites fight over the crumbs of earth? Doesn’t make sense. Then again, when did they ever make sense. Not in my lifetime.

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