England | Law officially an ass

31 03 2010

£25,000,000 in legal costs to send down 4 blaggers who stole £1,750,000 – and that isn’t the worst of it, they did so with NO JURY.  I don’t care that the lads are as guilty as sin, there are much worse thieves at work when £25,000,000 is distributed to bastards that oversaw this case.

I don’t care that Legal Eagles spend years as a dogsbody for some old git while reading volume after volume of Black’s Law with a regular dosage of case studies to memorize, it is damn ridiculous to think it is fine and dandy to throw this much money on criminal cases.

And to add insult to injury, the verdict was delivered not by a jury of our peers but by the Judge, a bloody State Employee for Christ’s sake!?

So not only are we £25,000,000 lighter, we have also had Our Rights knobbled too.  For what they do to the blagger first, they will soon do to us all.

The Establishment wouldn’t want sympathetic juries stifling the European Justice System, would they?

Further reading:  Daily Mail – Four found guilty of £1.75m Heathrow heist after unprecedented trial without jury (which cost taxpayer £25m)




2 responses

1 04 2010
John Demetriou

Wow, I agree with you for once!

good post and well said. I thought it were a joke and I too am not the best fan of the judiciary and the legal profession.

5 04 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

The joke is once again on us, courtesy of the Establishment. The entire racket is run for the benefit of those who serve it.

The Devil protects his own, and with so many “ex-lawyers” in parliament, no wonder it has been a golden decade for lawyers.

The Mafia have nothing on the Law Society.

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