Guardian | Nudging the Deluded

30 04 2010

I must be allergic to the Guardian brand of leftarded media waffle, for although three sheets to the wind right not (pissed), I am still shaking with rage.

Never in the history of the written word has so much humanitarian brotherly bullcrap ever been published.  Even Karl Marx himself would find it hard competing with these ideological fools.  For it is easy to observe and report, much harder to work and provide.

Reason for the spillage of poisonous venom is the fact that I cannot find Iron Man 2, am real drowsy due to drink and have just read the following Idiot’s Guide to Voting provided in the nausea inducing leftist rag of Earth Plc’s International Caring and Sharing Gangmasters, so long as it is the Masters who get to ‘care’ while the gang have to ‘share’.

More voter dilemmas: can you help?

‘I was going to vote Tory again but don’t like my local candidate’

‘My heart says Lib Dem but it is a wasted vote’

‘How should I vote to keep the BNP out?’

These people have contacted us about their voting quandaries. Can you help? We’re particularly keen to hear from people with local knowledge of the constituencies in question. We’ve numbered them so you can indicate in the thread which voter you particularly want to help.

Voter 1

I am a (relatively) new voter, with only one general election behind me I thought I was quite happy to keep voting Conservative. However, I don’t like the candidate standing in my local area of Lincoln, Karl McCartney. I’ve had dealings with the current MP Gillian Merron (Labour) and despite her carefully arranged PR handshakes and photo opportunities, I like what the former Blair’s Babe has done for the area. With half decent roads and train lines now in place I believe her promise to deliver more. The Tory candidate just can’t compete in the publicity battles, he puts his foot in things and is lacking in charisma. My dilemma is: do I vote for the party I like, or the person I want in power in my area?

Voter 2

I have just moved to Glasgow South, considered a safe Labour seat. The Labour candidate is a decent enough chap, but my heart tells me to vote Lib Dem as I feel it is time for change in Westminster and I am very tired of the two “main” parties being the only choice we ever have due to a flawed and outdated voting system. If I vote Lib Dem, am I wasting my vote? According to the website my vote here is only worth 0.04 (6.25 times less than the UK average). The last thing I want is a Tory government, should I just give in and vote Labour?

Voter 3

My constituency is Stoke-on-Trent Central. The sitting MP (Mark Fisher) has retired, and the Labour party has parachuted in someone from outside at the last minute (TV historian Tristram Hunt). What’s more, there’s the threat of the BNP and a popular local ex-BNP member now standing as an independent. As a committed Labour voter, do I go with the Labour candidate, or with the local ex-Labour man who’s now standing as an independent, or with the Lib Dem candidate to force a change, or vote to keep the BNP out?

Nothing about policies, local, national or european, all about Party Colours.  And of course, the main colour being Red.  kvlx387’s comment either sarcastically sends up the ‘questions’ or, gulp, actual advice.

Voter 1: If you think your local Labour MP is so great, why would you vote for another candidate?

Voter 2: You’re in the right constituency to cast a truly tribal vote. Vote Labour. Because you’re from a ‘Labour family’.

Voter 3: You’re another tribal voter. Hence you should vote Labour. That’s what members of your tribe have always done.

That’s another three votes to Labour.

We doomed so long as some of our compatriots (includes NuBritons for we’re all on the same ship now) continue to accept the views of the Establishment Political Media Complex.  Blind loyalty to proven liars, thieves and scoundrels is not progress by any means.

Our problems will not be solved by the cause.

Follow your head this election, not your tribal instincts and definitely not the media.


BNP | Election Broadcast

30 04 2010

Mr Nick Griffin heading the British National Party’s pitch for your vote.  The whole broadcast is worth watching yet the highlight must be when we see Mr Griffin explain Labour in simple ‘sign-language’ at 3mins 45secs.

Sheer genius.

Save the Nation and vote Nationalist.

Failing that, at least someone who wants to withdraw from the EU.

Blighty | Ummah in the UK

30 04 2010

The  Sex Pistols screamed about Anarchy in the UK.  Today, Dowlish explains Ummah in the UK.

After reading his post entitled “The rise and rise of the muzzie 1000 year Reich“, I’m in shock.  Not only do the Islamic brethren seek our shelter, freedoms and indoor toilets that come as standard in Banglatown Council, wish to entrench their positions economically and do so brazenly.

Not a peep from the EHRC either.  Thought the Thought-Cops would be swooping down on such a dversive and exclusive organisation for this can’t be doing much for community cohesion.  I’m frothing at the mouth for a start.

To put this is perspective have a read of the following blurb (source):

“Welcome to KIM discount card scheme.

An initiative brought to you by:  The Keep it Muslim campaign

Support the campaign to bring unity and prosperity to the Ummah. Become a campaign supporter now and receive your discount card within minutes.”

And a reminder of what the Islamic website means (with the laziness of using Wiki) by Ummah:

Ummah (Arabic: أمة‎) is an Arabic word meaning “community” or “nation”. It is commonly used to mean either the collective nation of states, or (in the context of pan-Arabism) the whole Arab world. In the context of Islam, the word ummah is used to mean the diaspora or “Community of the Believers” (ummat al-mu’minin), and thus the whole Muslim world.

Gods.  Mad.  Funeral Pyres.

So ‘Keeping it Muslim’ is fine and dandy but Keeping Britain ‘British’ is immoral and wrong?

Camberwell and Peckham | Patricia Knox PPC

30 04 2010

Okay, Camberwell and Peckham is Dirty Harry’s borough but I have noticed a distinct lack of Labour supporting placards adorning windowsills.  Last election and the Deluded Wing of Peckham were wearing them as sandwich boards (slight exaggeration but claiming poetic licence).  And even if my vote only helps the candidate retain their deposit, I will feel counted.

For my long-gone ancestors never had this opportunity.  Many millions around the world still do not have this right.  The ability to ask someone to represent you in the Highest Chamber on Earth.  A Nationalist at heart who would vote for the BNP tomorrow, the following may be a surprise to some.

The only independent candidate who has a website is Patricia Knox, and I am slightly impressed for what the lady stands for.  Even more impressed with her soundbite.  Main blessing though, she is an independent and isn’t Harriet Harperson.

Educated (look at the books), articulate (I could relate to her) and conservative (five kids!).  Could this be the start of the new beginning promised for Peckham?

Patricia Knox PPC.  Local Candidate for Camberwell and Peckham (website)

“The members of my party are the people of Camberwell and Peckham.  I therefore promise to speak and act solely in YOUR interests”

She also dislikes the corrupt Harman and is a REAL conservative.  So far, so good.  Her views on a variety of issues are expressed in a handy FAQ attached to the site but I’ve highlighted a few I agree with.

Immigration levels are too high.

Immigration like anything else has to be placed within workable limits – any excess and social issues are bound to arise. There is evidence to suggest that immigration has been allowed to increase without limit, no doubt due to the enlargement of the EU.

Should a new British government begin negotiations to leave the European Union?

Yes – while it has any freedom left to make up its own mind about things. We joined the EU for economic reasons but it has now become a political union. A union of trading nations is one thing – but a political union involving loss of sovereignty is quite another matter.

In the context of our constituency it can probably be said that any money received from the European Union for urban regeneration was our money in the first place!

Should British troops stay in Afghanistan as long as they are needed?

No – they should never have gone there in the first place. If terrorists want to attack us on our home territory its up to us to defend ourselves adequately, but that’s something we have failed to do in the past due to lax security. There’s no need for us to go looking for trouble in other countries. We need to put our own house in order before telling our neighbours how to live.

Is it  time to get rid of the LGBT police liaison officer?

There is no need for a lesbian or gay advisory group to advise the police and no reason to qualify crimes against the person into categories depending on race or gender. A punch in the face is painful whether you are black, white or gay and deserves the same punishment under the law. The severity of a crime should not be determined by the race, religion or gender of the victim.

Do you support the immediate withdrawal of British and NATO troops from Afghanistan?

Yes. Afghanistan is a quagmire much like Vietnam was and we are wasting the lives of our soldiers for no sensible reason. We cannot police the world’s corrupt regimes.

Do you oppose the attacks on Muslims and the growing Islamophobia in British society?

I oppose any criminality regardless of race, gender or religion.

So Mrs Knox, you may receive a Nationalists vote for the above for even though vague, you’re not Harriet Harperson.  Sadly, you may have lost it for the following.

Does Britain spend too much money on foreign aid?

There are no reliable figures to show this to be the case. What is too much for one person with a full belly is never enough for a person with an empty stomach.

Are you opposed to the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons?


Still, either your good self or one of those Leftarded Armies of International Armchair Superheroes may get my vote.  Shiver the thought of supporting those Reds.

Leftarded Beeboids | Marcus Brigstocke

29 04 2010

BBC-employed Marcus is in a twitter battle with Euroskeptics and from my perspective losing.  In fact, I would say lost considering his total disregard for the ‘people’ and the ‘press’ regarding the Lisbon Treaty.

from MarcusBrig

click to enlarge

All those European Orientation Courses have paid off in the State Broadcaster affectionately (as well as sarcastically) known as Auntie Beeb.  All the Talking Heads parroting the approved message of Eunification, with not a whisper regarding the European Parliament’s undemocratic nature.

In actual fact, defending the Top-Down Relationship the EU proposes, deeming us people as untrustworthy with deciding our destiny.  Think Marcus needs his training bib again.

The BBC, supporting the EU since 1997.

EUSSR rant | Pull the other Clegg

29 04 2010

The European Union is the Neo-Soviet Union.  Three Presidents elected by 0.0001% of Europeans, treaties rejected, renamed, then pushed through, and now the distant possibility that Nick Clegg’s EU Stooge Party will overtake Labour.  A coalition consisting of the approved parties will be a coalition that continues the Eunification project.

The European Union was built on lies and false promises.  Not only that, propagate the message in a way that would put Goebbels to shame.  EU and democracy should not be allowed in the same sentence, yet I’m as outraged as Disverything when it comes to this  (apologies but had to borrow it all).

Say whatever you think the audience want to hear

Diseverything.  Thursday, April 29, 2010, 09:12 AM GMT

Top right hand corner of page 7, today’s Telegraph, ‘Britain wedded to empire,’ says Clegg. Didn’t he attend the divorce?

What the hell is Nick Clegg on about, when he says, ‘If you’re one of the founding members, the creation of the European Union was a triumph, an absolute blinding triumph of peace over war, of democracy over tyranny……’

What, in heaven’s name, is democratic about the European Union? When have they ever listened to the peoples that make up this superstate?

France and The Netherlands vote ‘no’ to the Constitution, result? Name change and no further say for those nations. Eire votes ‘no’ and is bullied until she changes her mind. The UK was promised a referendum – where is it?

Mr Clegg, you are a charlatan and a fool and it’s the fault of this nation that fools like you, rise up to govern (We’ve-no-interest-in politics), fools like us and spout this nonsense.

As for his take on our nostalgia for ‘Empire’, that died a lifetime ago with my father’s generation. Sure many of us, perhaps the majority, are proud of our role in the history of this planet. Who would not be proud having spawned sons like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, yes, and even the USA but, like all families we also spawned a number of ‘black sheep’ (no pun intended) and have been hobbled by them ever since.

Britain did as much good, if not more, than all the Greek Philosophy, the Roman engineering, the Spanish and the French. For centuries, even today, we stand out as the one beacon of freedom in a tyrannical world. Nick Clegg speaks, thanks to the sacrifice of our forefathers. What a shallow man he is, yet he commands the high ground to spread this rubbish.

The Establishment Political Media Complex scream “racist” and “fascist” (or the classic, “bigot”) at anyone who opposes the Cultural Marxist agenda to mask the fact that it is they that are the racists and fascists for imposing such unwanted dictates.

Withdraw from the EU, ASAP.

Vote only for those who will call for that.  That or a referendum at least.  Look at Switzerland, proof that WE don’t need the EU.

Immigration | Promises, promises, promises

29 04 2010

During Election Season, with so much vote-begging to be done, every subject becomes valid, various perspectives listened to, then the inevitable Party-endorsed action plan is presented to the punters as the Holy Grail to Blighty’s woes.

Then as soon as the election finishes, opposing immigration becomes racist while highlighting the European relationship becomes xenophobic (or as ‘Flash’ Gordon put it, “Bigot”).

The Blue, Red and Yellow teams are all EU stooges.  And so long as we are in the EU, our own National Parliament will be nothing more than the rubber-stamper of European dictated directives.  Case in point, African becomes French citizen and is then directed to one of the newly formed EU-approved English Regions.  And there is nothing our elected officials can do about it!

When the Subversives busy themselves informing us that WE need quotas to ensure people of a different persuasion have the same representation as Whitey, citing the reason that Whitey cannot truly represent those who are different, doesn’t that same logic apply poor Whitey?

How can a newcomer truly represent me?  How can those with split loyalties truly represent Britain?  How can we trust our NuBritons to put British interests before their land of origin?

Too many paper citizens that have little care for Britain’s traditions is bad for the general wellbeing of the nation.  The people make the nation, not the other-way round.  Import the turd world and we will become the turd world, with all the prejudice and scorn that comes with it.

In striving to make us equal, the Establishment are achieving the exact opposite.  They are entrenching positions of differences that if not tackled now, will only lead to further national fragmentation.  Or perhaps this is the fuse that will destroy democracy as we know it.  For if an Islamic Party forms and make headway, what better excuse for the Bastards that Be to dismantle our democratic rights.

More encouragement comes from the NuBritons themselves, who actually believe the Establishment has their best interests at heart.  Immigration is a means to an end for Earth Plc’s owners, not some deep philanthropical ideal but driven by greed and power.

The end will be the devolution of democratic nation states and foundations prepared for a post-democratic supranational one.

Save your Nation and vote Nationalist, it is as simple as that.

The Establishment Political Media Complex do not like local issues.  Everything with our National Governments the world over is global this, global and all with a thick sauce of global tax smothered on top.  Nearly seventy years we have collectively been falling for their tripe.  Let’s not make the same mistake again.