Gayness | Bigotry or Preference

6 04 2010

Some peoples’ preferences are other peoples’ bigotry.  When someone prefers the same-sex, fine, c’est la vie.  But when said preference has new laws specifically enacted to protect said inclination from perceived offense, surely that in itself is a form of bigotry against the bigot.

Enforcing acceptance by the mere fact that someone ‘bats for the other team’ is counterproductive and surely offensive to those who disagree with such a lifestyle.  By outlawing all discrimination, we will also rid ourselves of our individual preferences.

Is total equilibrium resulting in a blandness of taste really worth the price paying for the Official Equality Bullcrap promoted by our Fabian Masters?

Reason for this little outburst is two-fold.  A story recently broke regarding a Bed & Breakfast Madam who refused service to a couple of woofters (derogatory term intended and sic).  After a week it has grown into something else altogether, a debate as to whether or not private businesses run at home can refuse their services to people, whatever their reasoning.

The Liberal Bleeding-Heart bootlickers are begging for more State Intervention while the ‘heretics’ scream about private property rights.

After reading most of them, I’m leaning towards the ‘Heretic’ contingent mainly due to the girly reaction from the Gay Brigade.

If I had a company, I would want to be able to serve who I well damn please for whatever perverse reason I damn well feel.  That would mean everyone except pisstakers because I leave my bigotry indoors.

Now if I owned a Guest House, that would be indoors.  So I would probably not allow Eastern Europeans, Africans, Muslims, Bikers, communists, hooligans, fat people, gay people, old people, poor people, young couples, dog lovers, pregnant women, Goths or strict vegans through the door due to my preferences (bigotry).  But surely an Englishman’s home is his castle and so his preferences must outrank guests?

Another excuse for the rant is to promote the following link that was sent to myself by a fellow Patriot and is what the title suggests.  The Establishment never miss a trick to wedge division with the masses and the Gay Brigade Movement was no exception.

The Gay Conspiracy

Those who know me, know I love a conspiracy.

And the more I  read, the less I could care about property rights, for it is a full frontal queer assault, porn ‘n’ all on every single mind in Blighty.  Problem is, the main media still portray the minority movement as oppressed, with the main perpetrators being the indigenous through ‘institutionalised’ racism.

What about ‘institutionalised’ playing the race, gender or eco card?

Yet the truth once more, just like every other grievance industry, it is not only Rich White Men making out like bandits on the misery and suffering of others but also the ‘specials’.

And on a sidenote, funny how this ‘small story’ is dominating the media agenda.  Surely the Soveriegnty and Economic Wellbeing of all Britons are more important than this State-Sponsored witch-hunt.  Then again, nothing is more important to egomaniacs than making a point.




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