BBC | They really love Labour

9 04 2010

These quotes are very selective and appear in the Election Update page from the Leftarded Beeb.  The first is from a Tory Peers’, where his words are taken way out of context, sounding like Tebbit is actually supporting Brown’s bid.

“Gordon Brown is not puffed up by vanity and self-importance nor fuelled by avarice in the manner of his predecessor. It is just that his commendable ambition to make life better for the people of this country, especially the deserving poor, is totally frustrated by his unwavering conviction that he, and only he, knows how that might be achieved.”

Brown has shown as much consideration to Britain as I have to Africa.  He has literally rubbed England’s face into the shit I will add.  Lord Tebbit must have been sarcastic.  The next twisted quote (although I’m still no Tory lover) is from the PR King Cameron.

“Prime Minister’s Questions is a bear pit and you can’t change it… There’s an element of Christians being fed to the lions and you’re either a lion or a Christian.”

Which Auntie Beeb translated as ‘Mr Cameron admits he has failed to get rid of “Punch and Judy” politics.‘  No mention that it takes two to tango, and in our Houses of Swine, we have three of the bastards so it is no surprise we still endure ‘Punch & Judy’ politics.

Every occasion that calls for it is filled with petty point-scoring.  Otherwise they would have to tackle the more pressing matters such as Europe, Immigration and the funding of the BBC.

Of course, the British Brainwashing Corporation is part of the Establishment, and so, is part of the problem.

Further reading: UK election at-a-glance: 9 April (BBC website)




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