Labour | Local manifesto

9 04 2010

Received the hotly anticipated Labour manifesto, which I must say, was worth the wait.  In fact, I could have waited another thousand years before seeing the Labour ‘Rose’.

Nothing special about it, attacking the incumbant Liberal Democrats for their waste and neglect.

So alas, to break it down, they have condensed their main ‘promises’ on the front page of the promotional hand delivered fold-out A3 sized.

They have promised to introduce free healthy school meals for all primary schoolchildren.  Afterall, we cannot expect their parent/s, guardian, auntie or kidnapper to assume responsibility for looking after their young ones.

Another promise is the dream of making every council home warm, dry and safe.  Either planning a large sell-off or advocating more intrusion into family life, hence the ‘safe’ part of the message.

And the last main promise on the main page is a Labour Council would keep our taxes low by cutting waste.  Excuse me but hasn’t the last thirteen years seen a Labour Government turn out our collective pockets?

How can Local Labour sprout this kind of bollox and get away with it I don’t know.  Surely the Advertising Agency has some regulation about promoting goods that are fit for purpose.

I know this cos a Government funded radio advert on Xfm reminded me that I can go to a Government funded website for more information.  And guess what.  It is, it is!

No bother though as the Devil protects his own.  I mean our Corruptibles literally rub our noses in it on a daily basis.  And if by the luck of Zeus a PPC from any of the Establishment knock on my door, you’ll be seeing me on the 10 o’clock news claiming temporary insanity.  Better chance of a lighter sentence thanks to Labour.

To save you spoiling your evening and visiting the God-awful Labour shite, have a couple of screenshots of the advertised ‘promises’ (can’t see the small print but there has to be a disclaimer somewhere, surely).

click to enlarge

So more CCTV cameras and a new 1 o’clock club (where young single mums go during the day to ‘mingle’) is on offer?  Zero tolerance on dog-litterers and a dedicated team to decide on what to do with Peckham?

Go <beep> yourself you dirty <beeps>!

For the love of God, what about the illegal immigrants that infest the borough or the proliferation of guns by bloodthirsty plastic gangstas too keen to use em?  Can’t offend the ‘new natives’ now, can we.


Only person missing is Mr Blobby.

Labour are part of the Establishment, full of professional liars and political whores.  They are the cause of our collective woes, not the solution.

Also, not one mention of Labour’s dear leader, Mr Gordon Brown.  Expected I think.

Full Pdf File can be found HERE, be warned though, not one mention of England, English or anything else of that nature.  Once again, can’t offend the ‘new natives’ now, can we.




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