Mindless musing | Had to laugh

11 04 2010

Hollywood has storytellers, Politics has Professional Liars.  While doing my usual ravaging of the world-wide web, I came across the following definition that gave me a chuckle.

Professional liar

To get elected, politicians must make all kinds of grandiose, but vague promises, which they have no ability to keep, and no intention of even trying. Once in office, they must continue to spin convincing lies about how they are keeping all their promises and making everybody’s life better, while, in reality, they are robbing you blind and screwing the country over big time. Politicians are therefore professional liars.

Bush, Obama and all those other professional liars should be hanged from all the lampposts on Capitol Hill.

What a lovely example given.  Won’t see that in the Collins Oxford Dictionary anytime soon.  For many more definitions, 4,876,847 to be exact, visit UrbanDictionary.  You can even submit your own.

Disclaimer:  I have not received one penny from UrbanDictionary.  Sadly.




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