BBC | They really do love Labour (NHS)

12 04 2010

Even when carrying a piece entitled “Labour face apology call over cancer election leaflets“, Auntie Beeb manages to bash the evil Tories.

The article concerns the mishap where cancer sufferers received Labour Party political propaganda informing them that voting for the Tories would kill them, or something to that effect.

No surprise that Labour and the BBC colour of choice is Commie Red.

The leaflets were part of a range of campaign literature dispatched over the past month on issues such as health, crime and education, a party spokesman said.

The personalised mail-shots contained a message from a breast cancer survivor praising Labour’s policy – which guarantees that women thought to have signs of breast cancer can see a specialist within two weeks of being referred by a GP.

Labour has claimed a range of guarantees on cancer diagnosis and treatment introduced in recent years would be threatened by a Conservative election victory.

The Tories have pledged to increase spending on health in real terms, saying the NHS is their number one priority, but argue some existing targets are counter-productive and should be axed.

See that?  How they promote the ‘breast cancer survivor’ that was saved by Gordon’s stewardship of the NHS.  Forget about the financial mismanagement that results in wasteful management, MRSA and foreign hospital workers whose command of the English language would make Shakespeare cry.

No, we must remember the ‘survivor’.  The Beeb offer no counter while slyly attacking the Tories ‘axe’.  It even ends with a four-paragraph worth apology from the vomit-inducing Party, including a political blurb.  The cheek!  Won’t see that with any of Labour’s political competitors I bet.

Labour said any suggestion it had done this was “categorically untrue”.

“The Labour Party would never specifically target any material at people suffering from a medical condition,” a spokesman said.

“Over the past months, Labour has sent out literature on a range of issues including the cancer guarantee.

“Obviously we would never mean to cause offence to anyone, especially to anyone suffering from cancer. It is because we want to give the best treatment and to support those affected by cancer that we introduced the cancer guarantee.”

Labour promised a first-class health service for all, no matter what the cost (even those ‘just off the boat’ who have never paid in).  Unless of course you so happen to be a smoker, a fatty or part of the English Untermensch.  That was ‘self-inflicted’ doncha’ya’know, for most of our compatriots voted for the Establishment’s Peace & Love Bullcrap.

What they have given us Untermensch though is headaches resulting from comprehending the vast numbers quoted as costs and the back aches from the extra taxation burden that need to pay for said costs.  Least we could have is a decent health service.  Private Funded Initiative (PFI) my arse, the taxpayer will always pay.  Only in today’s world, twice, first as the citizen and then again as the consumer.

Labour, the biggest bunch of <beepers> I have ever had the displeasure of sharing oxygen with.

Another problem I see with this whole charade is the prominence given to another trivial story to stimulate the political chatter.  Have journalists become too lazy to chase stories that they now rely on calls to the ‘news desk’ or what drops through the letterbox?  Either that or more collusion.  Wonder if the editors all meet up over breakfast to decide the media agenda, the campaigns to champion, the ones to deride, which celebrity will be worshiped, which to be sacrificed, that sort of thing.

The Leftarded Beeboids make it look like an honest mistake with no malice involved while other news outlets, it is dressed up to make Labour look insensitive at best, scaremonger at worst.

Well, d’uh, for a Government that cared so little for the natives that they imported millions of newcomers who, once here are taught to believe us natives are ‘institutionally racist’, there is more than just insensitivity and scaremongering at work here.  It is total skullduggery.

Establishment Political Media Complex

The bigger picture is that with all the campaigning on gay guesthouse rights’, banter more suitable for the pub than twitter or the messageboard of a beard leftard, and now this NHS row, is it swallows up debating time for the Political Class to show how needed they are.  Also notice how in each situation, offence was caused thus providing an opportunity for leftarded bollox to be sprouted so those who oppose can be deemed the Spawn of Lucifer.

Every Establishment organisation, from Murdoch’s News Corp to the Britsh Broadcasting Corporation, Red Labour to the Blue Labour Conservatives, stick on their Righteous Cap to condemn the heretical political blasphemy and promise, demand, depending on ‘team’, action, recompense, even criminal reprimands.

And with so many ‘problems’ on offer that will need addressing from our Political and Media Class, we can rest assured that there will be no time for forming battle lines regarding European integration.  Nor the huddled masses lining up outside Lunar House from across the globe hoping to become ‘British’.  And only a passing mention of Our Boys across the world “promoting democracy”, unless of course it can be used against the Untermensch.

Once more we witness the Mainstrean shuffling of priorities, by those who proclaim to ‘know better’ than us ‘lesser mortals’.  The entire Establishment Political Media Complex will be directing the debating agenda in the run-up to election and by the looks of it, steering it as far away as possible from the subjects we, the electorate, really wish discussed.

Auntie Beeb may give equal airtime to the political competitors but it sure treads lightly when NuGov are concerned.

Good thing about all this visible support is it will show them for the Corruptibles that they are.

Bad thing about all this visible support is it will be accepted as ‘Righteous’ by our more indoctrinated brethren due to the BBC propanga machine.

Nationalism:  It’s in the name

Final note:  The National Health Service should be a service for the nation, not any sod with a visa!

Further reading can be had at the following:

Labour hit by cancer leaflet row from the bemused Times

Anger as Labour sends leaflets to cancer patients saying Tories ‘would put their lives at risk’ from the more dramatic (and antagonistic) Daily Mail.

General Election 2010: Labour accused of using cancer patient database for postcard mailing from the Telegraph and well worth the read.  If true, puts another layer of crap on an already towering piece of crap.




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12 04 2010

Excellent post. I just came across you when I googled labour+NHS. Will put you on my reader now.

16 04 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Much obliged, nice to be read, let alone commended. Although must warn you that I do have an habit of rabbitin’ on about mindless subjects.

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