BNP | NUJ instigates the hatchets

12 04 2010

The National Union of Journalists promote guidelines when dealing with the BNP, even instigating a joint effort among members to conspire in meetings run by fake charity MediaWise on how best they can combat the rise of the far-right.  In fact, anything or anyone the Establishment Political Media Complex considers a threat becomes a target for ‘the treatment’.

So is the following coincidence or collusion?

Four newspapers, two named hacks and a ‘We Know Best’ editorial all on the same day.  And on a Monday to boot, when most of the population are refreshed so more able to absorb media bullcrap.

Tanya Gold’s Dark Day of Journalism

Tanya Gold and Boss

I will concentrate on the piece the Telegraph is carrying, which is from the leftarded hack from the Guardian, Tanya Gold.  Mainly due to the fact I said I would and Ms Gold tweeted back the following.

And I can never disappoint a pretty face.  My only commendation for tha gal is at least she lets the reader know from the off which team she is on.  I can only apologise for my lack of lyrical skills but alas, I’m not a professional storyteller like ‘sainted’ journalists such as yourself.

General Election 2010: One dark day with the BNP in Dagenham

Tanya Gold follows Nick Griffin, BNP leader, on the campaign trail against Margaret Hodge. And though his cronies are on hand, he doesn’t get an easy ride

By Tanya Gold, Telegraph.  Published: 6:56AM BST 12 Apr 2010

Some choice quotes for your digestion:

Detailing the hardworking BNP activists that showed up and the young patriots showing an interest in politics.

Some are suited and booted, and some are in “Anglo-Saxon” T-shirts and tattoos, the very archetype of ex-National Front. Heartbreakingly, there are children here. As I stand, watching them muster, a small boy comes up to me. Where, he asks, can he get a BNP poster?

Than once again the Media are accepting and misrepresenting the Communist Front and fake charity Searchlight.

The anti-fascist organisation Searchlight is worried enough to have a permanent HQ here.

Then applying the victimhood of Jewish Suffering to Ms Hodge implying anti-Semitism.

Hodge was born to Jewish parents and her maiden name is Oppenheimer. “He [Griffin] called me ‘a Jew’ a few years ago,” she says.

Lady giving reasons why she will not show support for Labour.  More implication of victimhood.

No, she won’t put a poster in her window. “I am scared,” she says.

Where it gets interesting:

The following is where Tanya lends a sympathetic ear to the drinkers of the Cherry Tree pub and by Gawd, seems to understand the reasons why Nationalism is looking so attractive.

They are all ex-Labour, now BNP. “It’s housing, schools, hospitals and jobs, not colour,” says one man. “I believed in Old Labour but not New Labour. They have failed in this borough.”

“People have had enough,” says a woman. “We are being pushed to the back of the queue. My son couldn’t get into the school of his choice. He has no chance of a council house.”

“You don’t appreciate that our facilities are getting swamped,” says another man. “If we vote BNP, people might start listening to us. Because we have been abandoned by our government.”

I begin to sympathise with their grievances, because they are right – no council housing has been built here for 30 years. The rise of the BNP is one of Labour’s greatest failures…

Then she goes and spoils it all by saying something stupid like…

But then comes the racist bile. “Go into a supermarket,” says another man, “it’s full of immigrants. Why?”

And the joy of her infinite wisdom of the BNP’s hierarchy.

There are plenty of fantasists and oddballs in the BNP leadership.

Then with the ease of documenting the anonymous.

One parliamentary candidate told me his wife woke him up in bed because he was screaming: “I want to shoot myself in the head.”

Another informs me that homosexuality “is an abomination. Buggerers will not inherit the earth.”

See how Tanya puts the dark tint on though from the off?  Is ‘heartbroken’ at the sight of patriot’s children, considers Searchlight ‘anti-fascist’ instead of communist, National Front fashion instead of casual wear, England shirt wearers with ‘pints of lager in hand’, anonymous employees and voters supporting Ms Oppenheimer Hodge while dismissing Nick Griffin, and even describing the membership of the BNP as oddballs and cranks.

Total bullcrap after that.  Can you say Untermensch Ms Gold?

Reason I dugg it the story tilting it “Tanya Gold: an example of a ‘hatchet job'”.  I was going to do a counter piece of my own but after twelve hours, the comments overwhelming rip the poor leftarded lass to pieces.  I would feel sorry but this lady actually feels that the displacement of myself and mine is a good thing.

More Media Bullcrap

I won’t go into detail as the titles are enough but the following tripe is worth the read, not for the actual article understand but the comments left from the ‘ground’ contradicting the message from ‘above’.  The underclass below bellow out “we’ve had enough” while the ruling elite sternly tell us off for being so “selfish”.  Just surprised that the Daily Mail is carrying two anti-BNPer articles, a newspaper not known for softly reporting the zoo we call Britain.  Hardly surprised both seem to be rehashed versions of each other.

As loathsome as ever: Nick Griffin’s BNP is STILL the party of racist lies, violent thuggery and vicious anti-semitism

By Paul Bracchi, Daily Mail.  Last updated at 7:49 AM on 12th April 2010


Playing into the hands of the BNP

Daily Mail Editorial.  Last updated at 7:58 AM on 12th April 2010

Four newspapers.  Two named Journalists.  And even a bloody damning editorial against the BNP from the ultimate shit-stirrers, the Daily Mail!  Got to be more than coincidence.

MediaWise & NUJ Bias

NUJ’s fake charity MediaWise have got to have a hand in this mass operation on the Nationalist movement.  For more on NUJ and MediaWise, see my earlier post HERE.

So my uneducated and uninformed opinion is that this is more collusion from the Establishment, this time from the Media wing, on trying to stifle Democracy to their own advantage.

The very best subversives are the ones we never see.  Forget the visible Fabian-sponsored Globalist New Worlders we read, hear and see.  It is the unseen Editors, Producers and Financial Backers who really run the show.

The Internationalists own the Corporate Media Outlets.  Nationalism is the natural opponent, thus the natural target of the Corporations.

Is that easier for my fellow plebs to understand?




2 responses

7 05 2010

What you state is so true,the emotive , piss out of our eyes endlessly crowd, is in full corrus, but then again this has always been the nature of village idiots, mobs of Rome. What the enemys of the BNP fear above all else is the old anglo celtic idea of MINDKIND above all else ,this makes them shit themselves,PLATO, that which is the whole is all ways greater then parts, no wonder they dispise you, in their multi what ever world ,all cultures races, religions ,are equal, this is bull shit,it ignores the truth ,that some are hidious, in there nature, and should not be tolerated at all on earth, starting with 1 Isalm,2 chinese one han based total system,3 black one party thugs, genetic dominance of whites long term distruction of our breed ,were they give up nothing of what they are geneticly.equality, is not equity 50 50 ism.

7 05 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Family, Kinship and Religion encourage loyalty and community. A united people are a strong people.

That is why every form of tradition is labelled as uncool or dated by the Establishment for they seek total control.

And with the advancement is technology, psychology, biology, chemistry and socio-economics, soon they will have tweaked these tools so everything could possibly be monitored and controlled.

Internationalism opposes Nationalism and so the entire Economic Might of the Global Financial Cartels mobilized their media and education wings to propagate the Nationalism is Evil mantra time and again. Even having the cheek to rewrite WW2 history to suit their modern day needs by stating that the war was because we were fighting fascism. FFS! Poland was a fascist country when we allied with them so how is defending one fascist from another fighting fascism?

Whoever created the human race is probably pissing themselves at our predicament. Time and again ‘we’ fall for the same shit.

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