Identity Politics | Gayness and beyond

12 04 2010

Apologies for yet another story on something a little bit queer, problem is, the subject seems to have endless amounts of media coverage where various leftards are given the platform to scream for more to be done.

Nice when I come across one that doesn’t though and makes a little sense.  James Parker’s article “Sex, gay rights and the Cross” in the Times which the following snippet is from, explodes the ‘legislating to equality’ bullcrap the Fabians deem necessary.

Once stripped of a socio-sexual identity, which by its very nature can bring about feelings of inequality and exclusion, many report over time experiencing a deeper sense of integration within themselves and with those around them, and a new-found sense of equality irrespective of any homosexual feelings.

Many today call for increased legislation to rid our society of its seemingly draconian inequalities. And yet equality for one sector will always diminish the equality for another and thereby fail in the goal it seeks to attain.

Concern shared by some homosexual men and women is that pockets of society, including the so-called gay community and other minority groups, are looking for deep inner resolution merely through external means.

We have discovered, much to our surprise, that legislation will not, because it cannot, eradicate the deep sense of injustice that so many face. In fact, legislation can often further blind and hinder us from making the necessary inner journey we all have to take to bring about greater social equality.

Once again I remind my poor unfortunate readers that since 1945, the common man and woman has had the vote.  So since 1945 we have been cajoled and coerced en mass.  Labour, Conservative, Labour, Conservative, Latour, Conservative…  an endless rotation between Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  How did they do it?

Identity Politics

Probably originated when humanity first formed settled tribes with the structures and relations that came with it.  Arguments where one bunch of hunter-gatherers have had a disagreement with another bunch, who then proceed to spread malicious rumours of how the ‘offenders’ has shown dislike to tribal traditions or similar, leading to a massive kick up the arse from the one collective to the other.

Since that time it has been refined to an art form and is now simply called Politics.

Simply by pitting one ‘offended’ lot of the public against the perceived ‘offenders’ then politicking the situation furthering the divisions preserving the status quo, the calming presence of the Establishment, thus ensuring their grip on power due to the thankful.  The more splintered the British electorate, the better for the Establishment.

For the Government who robs Peter to pay Abdul can always rely on Abdul’s vote and I suspect there are more Abdul’s than Peter’s.

Safe to assume though that enough voters work or have business links to the Establishment, while others sadly, depend on it.  That or the vote counters are mathematical geniuses equivalent to Stalin’s tractor statisticians, not like vote rigging would be new to Parliament.

Yet so long as the rest of the electorate who do not feed off the State scatter their votes accordingly, the Paid-For-By-Tax Voting Block will always be enough to keep the Corruptibles safe.

We need to fix democracy from the ground up before we end up like Uzbekistan.  We need to reign in outright Corporatism, aka, Free Market Capitalism before every company is ‘off-shore’ funneling millions into yachts.  We meed to reduce immigration to a drop, we’re full to the brim and I say a ‘drop’ for we can’t refuse everyone.  Just most of em.

God, we need so many things, and the only way I see such a thing happening is for us all to vote Nationalist.  Nationalism is not about everyone dressing in grey flannel suits singing the Queen’s anthems, although I do rather like Rule Britannia myself, it is about the first bastion of defence against foreign interests, even Scottish ones.

British Nationalism encompasses all the Home Nations.  The simple reason this was ever promoted was the logic that the British Isles are best defended by the British.  I’m also an English Nationalist, a Southwark Localist and a part-time Millwall hooligan, one of the ‘non-violent but will kick you in the nuts if you want some’ type.

But without a Nation as a firm support base, what hope does Britain have to rebuild?

The future will consist of hard graft no matter who you vote for.  We should do our best to at least keep the work in-house.




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