Corporatism | Fascism you can buy shares in

16 04 2010

Or at least work for.

Failing that, leech off.

The Establishment is so-named as they are Established, some like the House of Windsor (Britain), the Yamato dynasty (Japan) and Al Bu Sa’id (Sultan of Oman) are bound by blood.  Others like the Banking magnates Rockefeller’ and Rothschild’ through their marketeering manipulation expertise.

Others have joined their ranks due to deliberate perseverance, while some simply due to ‘club’ loyalty.

Then there are the hundreds of thousands, past and present, who reach the glittering heights of entitlement through skill, intelligence, beauty or just old-fashioned luck.

All learn to dance to the Establishment-employed fiddlers though.

Fascism is the same as Communism, simple Corporatism.  Taking economic power away from the peasants ensuring dependency on the State, while those few who ‘own’ the State will own everything, you included.

Kudos to imjustagirl776 for the eight-minute video explanation of Fascism and Corporatism.

Problem with Corporatism is that whoever has the most economic power wins by default.

Problem with Democracy is that ‘we’ voted for it.




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