Earth Plc | Institutionalised corruption

18 04 2010

We know our Parliament is corrupt.  We know the Courts are too.  The Police most probably.  The Press most definitely.  Council Officials of course.  Church and religious leaders fare  no better.  Every orifice of a public (or major private) office seems to be oozing with corruption.

And with Chatham House rules in place, those with their paws on the gears of progress can hammer out all sorts of nefarious plans away from the gaze of their intended victims.

We know what is wrong with the system.  It is the lack of Quality Control shown by our protectors.  Instead of working for the Nation, the Bastards that Be pass Laws to which they know little about, usually at the bequest of the Law Society or the European Council, and even less inclination to challenge them.

A point of interest, check out the UK Statutes and Acts and see if you can understand some of them.  May have well have been written in Japanese with the amount of legalese used, no wonder it takes so long to become a lawyer.

So how do we fix such a problem?  Well, firstly, we all need to oversee Our Democracy from now on.  Every vote, every ballot needs to be seen by us.  Labour should have been wiped out of the European elections, something doesn’t fit.

If we can do that, once election time comes, we’ll get the correct result, and hopefully Britain will have come to its senses and voted the entire Establishment out.  A goalpost is preferable to anyone NuGov puts up.  If we can destroy the Big Three, we may have a chance of redemption.

Only then could we leave the Neo-Fascist European Empire.  Only then could we instigate a real investigation on what the Establishment have been doing in our name.  Only then could we have laws repealed and amended.  Only then could we remove all undesirables from society fairly, equally and above all, using common sense and rope if necessary.

So long as the Establishment remains, so will the degenerates that infest it.

We have the Right of Reply at the Ballot Box.  Let  us shout out the Corruptibles before they not only have Gold-Plated Pensions, but Vote-Proof Positions.




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