London SW1 | Traffic warden mayhem

19 04 2010

Traffic Wardens are like most officials, and the closer you get to SW1, the worse they are.  Rude, arrogant, thieving, profiteering, threatening and above all, working for ‘corporate interests’ (it is called the Corporation of London for a reason afterall).

With examples set by our so-called betters, no wonder UK Plc has become an ideological battleground.  All the soft-persecution and State-sanctioned thievery in Westminster is probably the ethos of the area, for even Traffic Wardens are at it.

Of course, The City fares no better and you can forget about Canary Wharf, unless you like being filmed in 3D.  I daren’t go to the bogs there either.

Problem is, the Establishment’s barrel is rotten to the core.  The examples set by our so-called betters beggars belief, no wonder we have become a nation of scroungers, crooks and misfits with the shameless visibly promoted and celebrated.

Of course, Traffic Wardens are hated because they are nothing more than a privatised version of the tax inspector.  Privatising the law is never a good thing, for once profit is involved, you can be sure companies will chase them.

Why the sudden prompt of bile directed at the Privatised Law Enforcers?  Well, the below story and accompanying video is why.

Demanding someone desist in recording the enforcement the Law, whatever for, the camara don’t lie.  Icing on the cake though is threatening the man’s wife with rape, that is unforgivable.

Tell me ONE occasion where a parking ticket has made the road a safer place to be?  I have never heard an Inspector say at the scene of a motoring accident, “If only the couple had received a ticket informing them of their bad parking, this would never had happened.”

Traffic warden faces the sack after foul rant about motorcyclist’s wife

Felix Allen, Evening Standard.  19th April 2010

A traffic warden faces the sack after his foul-mouthed rant at a motorcyclist was caught on video.

The Westminster council parking attendant is seen shouting at Warren Djangoly and making obscene comments about his wife during a confrontation in the West End.

Mr Djangoly, a management consultant from Barnes, said the abuse was “totally unprovoked”.

The warden, who has not been named, has been suspended after a video of the abuse, filmed by another biker, was posted on YouTube.

The recording shows the warden appearing agitated at being photographed, and saying: “Don’t be taking my picture,” before he snaps at Mr Djangoly: “Go and give that to your wife because I’ll be f***ing her soon.”

He repeats the comment as he turns his back and walks away.

Mr Djangoly, 46, said it was effectively a “threat of rape”, which he said was particularly alarming as private parking contractors have access to the DVLA database, including motorists’ home addresses.

He told the Standard: “I was shocked when he swore at me but I didn’t realise exactly what he said until I saw the video. It’s really quite appalling. It was also totally unprovoked.

“I only said to him not to bother giving me a ticket because I was going, and he got all aggressive, saying don’t tell me what to do’.

“What came out of his mouth next was astonishing and absolutely outrageous. It’s very concerning when someone says that to you, and it was really quite traumatising because there’s the worry that these people have access to our records.”

He said he has spoken to the police about the incident in New Cavendish Street this month, but is not sure whether to make a formal complaint.

He is also demanding a full apology from Westminster council and its parking enforcement contractor NSL Services, which employs the warden.

Dr Leith Penny, Westminster’s strategic director of city management, said: “Our parking attendants do a difficult and challenging job. However, Westminster council demands the highest standards from its parking staff and we do not tolerate this kind of behaviour which is clearly unacceptable.”

NSL spokesman Tim Cowen said the warden’s language was “shocking” and an investigation had been launched.

He added: “The civil enforcement officer in question has been removed from the Westminster operation and suspended while that investigation takes place.

“Behaviour like this is not acceptable and would usually result in dismissal if the case is proven.”

Of course, video is so much better than words.  And more informing too.

Kudos to tizrovideo for the upload.

Now I am very passionate about cars, main reason being is that I can’t drive for crap.  Thankfully, I found out in someone elses’ car.  He still doesn’t speak to me.  Enough of past misdeeds, back to my wonderful plan on improving Road Safety and Parking Etiquette while reinforcing the basic laws of keeping traffic moving.

First, Traffic Wardens do not deal with traffic, traffic implies moving vehicles, not stationary ones!  So instead of outsourcing a mercenary army of NCP Nigerian road attendants to chase targets under the guise of enforcing the law, have the duties of enforcement left to the professionals, the Police.  Two birds one stone approach here so bear with me.

Seeing a Road Attendant writing out another ticket, sometimes ends up with a Policeman called, so cut out the middle man.  Another plus is, Policemen (plural) walking the beat deters crime, seeing a Police car zoom past delays it.  Get it?

This also means there is more road safety due to th drop in A to B emergency calls by Police, remember the above, crime deterred is a call-out avoided.  So simple it hurts!  For it is bad enough with fire engines and ambulances going blues’n’twos.  And less cars mean more can be spent on procuring the best for particular jobs stead of the run-of-the-mill motors zooming from A to B.

Lastly, a little on improving road etiquette.  With the beat back in place, the coppers can always have a gander at the vehicles and assess the situation first hand.  If that involves towing and crushing, why not, too many motor on the road already, “save the planet, yah” /sarcasm.

Serious about the amount of motors, probably due to the fact that the Councils want to pack us in and pack us high, forgetting about the need for a road network to increase mobility.  Wouldn’t be so bad if we fizzled outwards instead of upwards but if we must, let us have a transport network that works, not grinds to a halt whenever someone breaks down.

It isn’t foolproof and could do with some tweaking but doesn’t every idea?  Plus, I’m not going to lay it all out for some lazy-ass snake oil salesman of a polichicken to sell as his/her own.  If they wish to hoodwink the public into voting for them, they can work out the details themselves.

If anything, I won’t give it a thought unless I ‘sign up’ to the Nationalists.  I’ve been considering becoming a member of the BNP for a long time but if it ever became a proscribed organisation, moi being situated in Peckham wouldn’t stand a God-damn chance.

A thought for another day.  18 left till the election if I want to help them past the 20,000 mark.

Today though, my back is aching, half a pound of dust in my lungs and my eyes are itchy like hell.  Damn, whoever invented work didn’t do one damn day of it I bet.  Gonna have an early night for once and turn the brain off.  My belief system has taken a battering, first the fairly balanced Beeb interview and my shattered brain pouring out a post like this.  Must be second wind or something.




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