Ireland | Kneecap’d Mayhem

20 04 2010

The Irish Republican movement probably began with the noble intention of gaining Home Rule throughout Ireland.  But like other long-standing ‘freedom-fighting’/’rebelling’ organisations, has become nothing then a criminal association involved in drugs and the turf wars that come with it resulting in multiple casualties.  Same goes for the various Unionist movements that sprung up.

So it is no surprise that some poor bugger has been kneecap’d in Londonderry.  No details as to why but with organised crime a major partner in rebellion movements across the world, only seems fitting that the arms were brought in under the guise of freedom fighting.

Man shot in both legs in paramilitary-style attack

BBC.  Page last updated at 05:20 GMT, Tuesday, 20 April 2010 06:20 UK

A man has been shot in both legs in a paramilitary-style attack in County Londonderry.

Four men went into a house at Lisnafin Park, Strabane, at 2300 BST on Monday.

They forced the 24-year-old man to go out into the garden where they shot him in both legs.

He was taken to hospital where he is receiving treatment. Police have appealed to anyone with information about the attack to contact the them.

Now, considering that the victim was ambushed at home by four balaclava wearing Irish gangsters, why do the Police feel the need to appeal to more witnesses or is this just standard procedure?  If the victim won’t talk, and who’d blame him, how the heck does Mr Plod think that others would be more willing.

Reason I choose to highlight this story is because I’m sick and tired of reading about the streets of my beloved borough.  Kneecapping is the least of your worries here, what with the plastic gangstas and veracious crackheads infesting Southwark.

Another day and another few pints of blood split in the British Isles.  No wonder Britain is so arable with the amount of our own organic-life-juice soaking the soil.




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