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22 04 2010

Author’s note: The amount of links is due to the fact that I shall be inhibited throughout the weekend (or as long as funds last).  That big yellow thing in the sky has come out and I smell BBQ and beer so keep yourself informed with the efforts of ‘the competition’.

The Liberal Democrats are as unelectable now as they have always been, with some kudos (gets upset otherwise) to Kev for THIS and THIS for the added ammo.  My only addition is the ridiculous tactic of pointing at the other ‘Approved’ Parties and exclaiming “We’re not them” will not win an election.  Especially when the Limp Dicks are very much part of the problem with British politics.

To add further flame to the pyre that represents Nick’s character assassination, the Establishment Media have revealed today another damning indictment against Clegg’s posse.  Not only is the man an ex-employee of the European Union, an ex-MEP, or above all, an anti-British zealot, it now transpires that irregular payments from party donors were made to his personal account.

“We’re not them”?  Sadly, you very much are.

Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem donors and payments into his private bank account

Nick Clegg received a series of payments from party donors directly into his private bank account, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

By Robert Winnett and Jon Swaine, Telegraph.  Published: 10:00PM BST 21 Apr 2010

The Liberal Democrat leader was paid regular monthly sums by three senior businessmen during 2006.

The same account was used to pay his mortgage, shopping and other personal expenditure, documents seen by this newspaper show.

The businessmen bankrolling Mr Clegg were Ian Wright, a senior executive at the drinks firm Diageo; Neil Sherlock, the head of public affairs at the accountants KPMG; and Michael Young, a former gold mining executive. All are registered as Liberal Democrat donors.

Records of Mr Clegg’s personal bank account show the three men each paid up to £250 a month into the account.

The Liberal Democrat leader is likely to face questions over the arrangement.

MPs have historically sought to distance party donors from their personal finances to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

Last night Mr Clegg denied the money had been used for his own personal spending and said that it had subsidised his parliamentary work.

Sir Alistair Graham, the former chairman of the committee of standards in public life, described the arrangement as “irregular”.


Irregular indeed.  Nearly as irregular as the Telegraph digging up old articles from the Guardian to attack Nick with, even managing to wheel out Sir Churchill’s grandson for a quote.  Although in this case, I’m very grateful as it shows once more the European credentials of the man who wishes to rule.

Don’t mention the war. Grow up

Britain is still stuck in a childish rut of anti-German prejudice, argues Nick Clegg MEP

Nick Clegg MEP,, Tuesday 19 November 2002 14.49 GMT

I still cringe when I remember what happened on the school bus. The shame of it still lingers.

We were all travelling together – a class of 17-year-olds from my school and our German “exchange” partners – on an excursion to the Bavarian mountains. The German teenagers had already endured a month at our school in central London. Now it was our turn to spend a month in Munich, living with our “exchange” families and attending the local school.

A boy called Adrian started it. He shouted from the back of the coach, “we own your country, we won the war”. Other boys tittered. One put a finger to his upper lip – the traditional British schoolyard designation for Hitler’s moustache – threw his arm out in a Nazi salute, and goose-stepped down the bus aisle. Soon there was a cascade of sneering jokes, most delivered in ‘Allo ‘Allo German accents.

I remember two things vividly. First, none of the girls in my class joined in. It seemed to be a male thing. Second, the German schoolchildren did not appear angry, or even offended. That was what was so heart wrenching. They just looked confused, utterly bewildered. To a generation of young Germans, raised under the crushing, introspective guilt of postwar Germany, the sight of such facile antics was simply incomprehensible.

I looked nervously to Bernhard, my German exchange partner sitting next to me in the bus. I could see he wanted to turn and face the commotion. Instead, he sat rigid, staring silently ahead. The next day, as we were walking to school, I lamely apologised to him for what had happened. I was miserable that I had not had the courage to protest in the bus on his behalf. Such is the power of teenage peer pressure. He stopped, and explained. He said he felt he had no right to react himself. It was part of the shame he was obliged to bear on behalf of his parents and grand parents. Such is the power of collective guilt.

All this came to mind last week when I read of the plight of Mr Puhle and Mr Sawartzki, two Germans employed at Motorola’s international call centre in Swindon. They were so upset by the barrage of anti German jokes from their British colleagues – “they used to call us fucking Germans and sing songs about Hitler”, said Mr Sawartzki – that they were forced to leave their jobs. But at least they didn’t take it lying down. They have decided to take their employers to an industrial tribunal. Good on them.

It is easy enough to explain the mixture of arrogance and insecurity that fuels this peculiar British obsession. Watching Germany rise from its knees after the war and become a vastly more prosperous nation has not been easy on the febrile British psyche. John Cleese struck a chord in the Fawlty Towers episode The Germans, in which a concussed Basil Fawlty bombards his earnest German guests with a volley of jokes about the war.

But humour on telly is one thing. Hounding Germans out of work half a century after the last war is altogether different.

Even worse, a warped view of Germany also seems to prevail in Britain’s top boardrooms. In an oafish article published last week in the Financial Times, Martin Taylor, the chairman of WH Smith, declared that Germany, in cahoots with France, remains one of our principal rivals. He dismisses the idea that Germany is a partner, “a weasel word”, and concludes – as if he were Jeremy Clarkson – “France is for holidays, Germany is for cars”. His view of the EU is that of a schoolboy’s military board game. I’m surprised he didn’t suggest that we should settle it all in a game of conkers.

The latest twist to this anti-German mania is a gloating satisfaction at Germany’s recent economic woes. With tedious predictability, one British pundit after another occupies acres of newspaper space to tell us that the German economy is a busted flush, that only a vigorous dose of Anglo Saxon reforms will do the trick, that German economic weakness spells the end of the euro. And so on. Even New Labour ministers, Gordon Brown in particular, crow about comparative British economic success with more than a hint of condescension towards Germany and the rest of the EU.

They all blithely overlook that Germany’s wealth per head remains a full 6% higher than in the UK. That German workers are 29% more productive than their British counterparts. That German trade with other EU countries has shot up in recent years, while Britain’s trade with the euro zone stagnates. That Germany has engineered one of the world’s most ambitious economic transformations in the former East Germany. Not even the most blinkered British visitor to Germany’s prosperous towns and cities, to its schools, hospitals and its transport system, could pretend that our quality of life is comparable to German standards.

All nations have a cross to bear, and none more so than Germany with its memories of Nazism. But the British cross is more insidious still. A misplaced sense of superiority, sustained by delusions of grandeur and a tenacious obsession with the last war, is much harder to shake off. I wish Mr Puhle and Mr Sawartzki well. We need to be put back in our place.

What was that?

“We need to be put back in our place”

No wonder he is such a Europhile.  Sure it was written eight years ago, but come on, this is pretty damning stuff.

The only reason we’re in the brownstuff is because of inadequate political leadership.  Since the silent revolution inspired by Frankfurt School techniques, we cower as our immobilized Government does nothing to counter the waves of progress.

We excelled as a Nation due to a number of reasons, geography being one but the most important one was the fact we ensured Europe never became an Empire in her own right.  The Establishment failed to stop the EU and so we surrender without so much as a shot fired.  Or perhaps this is just another one of Her Majesty’s long-games, infiltrate then obliterate – for our own Monarchy is Europe, and what goes on there is just as important for Her Dynasty’s future as it is ours.

Plots within plots yet all lead to the EU.

On a lighter note, a reminder of the privileged life MPs receive, some even having the honour of opening toilets.  Of course, Simon Hughes is the patron saint of toilets in Southwark, always supporting new council sponsored recreational/relief facilities.

Gay MP hangs around loos

28 Jan 2006 The Sun (had to be).

GAY MP Simon Hughes has his name on a plaque at public toilets he opened in his constituency.

He performed the official ribbon-cutting ceremony at the lavs in Elephant and Castle, South London.

Bachelor Hughes, 54, ? who revealed he was gay this week ? was honoured with the polished plaque on the loos in July 1994.

The “facilities” are even painted in Lib-Dem yellow.

The Bermondsey MP caused a storm when he told The Sun he was homosexual a week after he denied it.


For those who do not have the displeasure of living in Southwark, you lucky bastards.  It is a sea of yellow in Bermondsey…  and God help me if Simon gets reelected, the man is a professional liar through and through who would suck off Satan himself to enrich himself.

More on Simon can be found at the Green Arrow courtesy of Rugfish HERE.




One response

23 04 2010

When I lived in London (I was born in Greenwich) I never voted for him (because he was a LIB), but I always respected the hard work he did in the Woolwich/Plumstead constituency – which has now been completely colonised!
I am disgusted with Simon Hughes in this video – NO RESPECT FOR HIM LEFT AT ALL!

Here he is encouraging immigrants into seats of power at Westminster… the fact is that all three main LiLaC parties are so brainwashed by political correctness that they have used positive discrimination, rather than merit, to decide who will be the candidates in those 200+ seats that have been vacated by the thieving bastards that have had to stand down! So therefore we could see many Non-Indigenous MP’s getting positions of power in the 2010 General Election…. our new Parliament could have a disproportionately high number of immigrant MP’s in comparison to their overall proportion in the UK population.

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